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Here is some pics of what transpired that Friday afternoon before Reunion 55.


Wade Phillips, who is well liked around here for his time with the Cowboys and for being known as an outstanding defensive coach, was in town at the Museum for his latest book and signing it.  I ventured there, bought the book, but as he signed it, I pulled out one of my many annuals, PNG 1965 where he graduated.


It garnered quite a stir, folks gathered around it, local Channel 6 taped me holding it.  They never viewed it, of course.  It was mentioned briefly in the PA News, the paper saved and presented to me by our friend Lucille.


The 3rd photo is his wife holding his Denver Broncos Super Bowl ring.  So many diamonds, it's big as an egg.


The 4th photo is my annual with his sig.  His wife is in the top part of the page.  I didn't think to get her to sign.  Oh, well.  She is still a nice looking gal today.



At the recent TJ All Classes Luncheon - Wayne Taylor (1962) and Coyth Pellerin (1963).  Hey, none of us are 18 anymore.



Since I now have nearly 50 annuals, it's time to move a few of the duplicates out.  It's fascinating to read through these, to see the faces and the places that we once knew and the halls we once walked through, mostly gone now.  The going rate is $50 each.  Too much?  A TJ 58 just a few weeks ago on the internet, went for $175.  I have seen one go for over $200.  Contact me for information or to look at them.



This is our classmate Janet Craig and hubby Jim Quebedeaux who apparently do Santa duties for Shangra La in Orange, Texas.


Caught You!


At a function for the Class of 1974 Reunion on Saturday June 14, 2014, our Donna Shless popped in and was caught on camera.


Come see us at our next function, Donna.



Wayne and Roger have a Power Lunch on June 6, 2014 to talk about, what else, the TJ Class of 62 and the recent 70th Birthday Party.


At the recent TJ Class of 61 Luncheon on May 16, 2014,  Carolyn Pansano Sutton (TJ63) and our Elaine Pansano Griner (TJ62) remarked how much they really enjoy our Class 62 website.  They both made a generous donation to the website, funding it for four months.

Thank YOU, Ladies.



January 23, 2014

As a stamp collector, I have learned that there will likely be a Janice Joplin commemorative stamp issued this year as part of the ongoing Icons of Music series by the USPS. I was excited to read that in my latest issue of Linn's Stamp News that I received today. I thought it might make a good addition to the TJ web site! The image of that forthcoming stamp hasn't been released yet.   So you now know that as a stamp collector I am a certified NERD! 

Best wishes, Dale Saulsberry 


(This came through on 10-14-13)
Luther Odom / Why Luther is no longer communicating on "Facebook"

From: Ben Beauchamp


Nicky keeps me informed as to the "Procter Street Drag" communications and "Bro" Dennis Hollander was kind enough to inquire about Luther on several occasions.

Until recently, Luther lived on the East side of the Brazos River in Montgomery County and I live quietly on the West side in Washington County. We often visited each other and generally kept in touch. About three years ago, Nicky was visiting and we asked Luther to join us for supper. Even though he had been to my place many times, we did not think much about it when he called three times for directions (on his way) to my home and after arriving we had a pleasant visit. When Luther was ready to leave he asked which way to turn on the county road when he was at the end of my drive. I told him left. He then called when he reached the intersection of the county road and 105. He seemed nervous and confused when I told him he could turn either left or right because the only way to cross the Brazos River was left over 105 through Navasota or right on 290.

We asked him to come back and follow us to where he was familiar. He followed us and very close to his home area we told him to turn right which was the road his house was on; he said he knew where he was and thanked us. A few minutes later he called again and said he had missed the turn. He never admitted he was lost, just confused in the dark. He then followed us to his home.

I immediately contacted his son Aaron and passed the information on. Aaron said he too had noticed things were not exactly right!

Over the next few years Luther began to stay very close to his home with his 7 dogs, 3 goats and 2 cats. He made excuses as to why he did not want to go places and it became apparent the reason was: he simply could not negotiate driving distances he was not familiar with.

We still visited (at his home) and often talked on the phone. I based the conversations on high school and other things in the distant past. He could still be fairly rational but his short term memory was slipping away. He was always glad to hear from me but had no idea when I had last called and the subject of our conversation. I just asked the same questions and discussed things we were both familiar with.

All this time his wonderful son Aaron (who is a nurse) was watching and paying close attention to him and I kept track of him as best I could.

There is nothing to be gained in describing the onset of his dementia resulting in a diagnosis of Alzheimerís as we are all too familiar with the sad, debilitating course it takes. Sadly Luther lost his father early in his life to "hardening of the arteries" and knew only too well what might occur. Suffice it to say, Luther is no longer able to maintain his lifestyle living alone and is now in the Atria (2401 Green Oak Dr., Kingwood, TX  77339) in Kingwood. He still has a phone
(713 502-7888), but is not able to access the Internet as he is simply too vulnerable to those willing to take advantage of persons in his condition. Depending on the day, he enjoys talking about past times, but his short term memory is becoming more challenged as time goes on. If you call or visit him, and I hope you will, please donít make your conversation a guessing game. Tell him who you are and talk about old times. He will be glad to hear from you and you might think him fine.

For those of you who may not know: Luther is a retired police officer, divorced with 4 children. He was awarded 3 Purple Heart Medals for wounds received (yes sir, 3) while serving in the Army in Vietnam, was an avid bicyclist and pedaled all over Texas. He can still talk about many things but often canít remember how long he served in the Army or when he retired and such. His son Aaron is his primary care giver and has given his permission for me to say the above. My understanding is: you can still contact Luther on "Facebook" and Aaron will get it to him. I hope this helps somewhat to answer your questions as to Lutherís condition.

I have tried to keep this short and to the point but it hurts my heart as I write it. My dear friend, Bob Jackson was kind enough to note what a great thing it is to hear good news about Mike Eaves instead of the usual sad notes. I could not agree more but thought about the recent death of Ann Neumann (Randazzo), Bishop Byrne "62", due to Alzheimerís. Ann was my date to our Senior Prom! Time passes.

Take care friends!

Ben Beauchamp