A Glimpse Into

The Life and Times of Our Classmate

Charlotte Rothman Metreyeon

Including Some of Her Friends


Classmate Charlotte Rothman Metreyeon  just recently discovered the class webpage as she gave us a new email address. She is delighted with it and what it tells about our class. She had these comments...... (Which were so great I wanted to keep them) 


Hi Wayne, this is Charlotte Rothman sending this email to you.  Pat Taylor Beese was telling me about the TJ website. This is so awesome. I was so saddened to read about the recent deceased class mates. I was so shocked and very sad to see that classmates I knew are now deceased.



I love the TJ website. It is wonderful.  I truly think it is perfect. It does not need any whistles or bells. It is exactly what it is meant to be TJ class of 62



Isn't it strange how much has changed since we were just teenagers with not a thing to worry about? We had a safe town to live in, had more fun on the drag and Pleasure Island and The Big Oaks. ( I had fun there) I saw the pictures of Pleasure Island with the roller coaster and Olympic size pool. That Island was so much fun. Amazing how things just never will be the same. We had great music. I think we had it all.  If we were rich or poor we didn't know it and no one cared.  We were liked for ourselves. I'm so thankful to have grown up in Port Arthur.  Port Arthur will never be the same again.



Thank you again for caring so much to have the best website for the 62 classmates to remember the good times. Oh I love the school song also. It brings tears to my eyes to hear it.



Remember when only the Seniors stood when the Eyes Of Texas was played. I thought I was the big girl.



Pat Taylor Besse and John live down the street from me. I was so fortunate to find class mates at my Grandsons football and baseball games. Finding Larry Hathaway, was awesome then to hear he had a heart attack and died was shocking.



Wayne, I have pictures from Proms with my HOT Dates. l also have pictures of girlfriends that are great. I will send the pictures to you so you can post them on the TJ website.  I just thought I saw everything on the website with class mates but I was wrong.  


Take care. Thank you for your dedicated work with this website.


So now I have those great pictures from her, scanned and ready to go up on the page for all of us to enjoy. 

All I can say is, THANK YOU, Charlotte, for sharing some great memories with us.  We all love you.

Some of Charlotte's "Early" Days

Dated 1945.  Charlotte says, "How many class mates have on HORSE pictures?  The man and his horse went from house to house making a living"

In 1947, she was "picking cotton" in Hallettsville, Texas.  Not many of us ever did that.

Charlotte and Catherine Dean (TJ61) in 1947. 

Her 4th Birthday Party.  She doesn't know the names.  Anyone remember?  Were you there?

Some of Charlotte's Old Friends, Some Gone But Not Forgotten....

Wow, Glenn Stillwell at Woodrow Willson Jr Hi.

Micka Primeaux in Jr. Hi.  A local musician.

Glenn in High School.  Hard to make out but I think he signed it Glenn Wells here.

Kyle Haines in High School.  We all knew him, Charlotte.

James Dauphine.  His sister Karen, our classmate, was a good friend of Charlotte.  She told me quite a story about he and David Burge, if she would allow me to tell it.

Victor Scalco, 1959.  No story on this picture... yet...

Charlotte's Fun Days Growing Up in Port Arthur

Snow in 1958?  I don't remember that snow, but it sure is pretty. She says, "Girls were not allowed to wear jeans or pants to school but I tried to wear pants under my skirt.  It was Cold.  Got caught and sent home.  Good, wanted to make a snowman and have snow ball wars.

Diane Duncan Barron at a "Slumber Party".  Charlotte said, "this is what girls did at slumber parties. You took pictures that were not your usual pictures".

She said this is Diane Duncan crawling out of a "culvert".  Okkkkk.


Sandy Smith.  "She wanted a pic of Lynn Nunez's hat, jacket, and lighter because he was breaking up and coming to get them."

Jimmy Cutaia's 1955 Chevy.  Nice.

Great Mementos Charlotte Has Shared With Us...

Either he was in TJ Printshop or had someone make this for him.  I took Printshop and made some neat cards like this.

Charlotte says this was the TJ 1961 Prom.

Elray Bonin, TJ 1960.  He was a nice guy.

Tommy Bradberry, also a member of our local Marine Corps Reserve Unit.  Actually spoke to him a couple years ago.

Actually many guys like this may never have seen this news clipping, it came out while they were gone. It took someone like Charlotte to save it.  Is there one of me?

 Finally, Saved the BEST for Last...

Charlotte cleaning crabs on Pleasure Island, about 1980.  She said "caught them, cleaned them, and ate them all in the same day."


This was at daughter's wedding in 1988.  What more can we say but Very Nice.

Once Again ---- Thank You, Charlotte...