DeQueen Elementary



DeQueen School - First Grade - Miss Montgomery

( Original photo on left, cropped and enlarged on right)

Front Row:  David Bowker, Lester Billeaud, ?, ?, Averill Browning, Mike Otto, ?, ?, Ron Jordan, Danny ?

Second Row: G.W. Bailey, ?, Tommy ?, ?, Lynn Miller, ?, Carolyn Baggett, ?, Mick Tahaney, Mavis Landers, Phillip McCollough  


This picture sent in by late classmate James Lewis and he said it's Dequeen School about the 2nd Grade.

DeQueen Elementary - 2nd Grade Miss Badger

(Sent in a few years ago by our late James Lewis.  All he said then it was the 2nd grade.)


First Row: John Davis, Lynn Miller, ?, Beverly Smith,?,?, Melba May, Ronald Jordan, Peggy Hosen


Second Row: Sadie (? last name), ?, ?, Eugenia 'Hicky' Vicknair, Michael Guidry, ?, Lester Billeaud, Nora de Steiguer, ?, Dickie Romero


Third Row: Elizabeth Adams, Jeff (? last name), John Taylor, Martin Hefley, Royce McConathy, Charlie Brabham, James Lewis, Ann Nielsen, Karen Olive


Fourth Row: Miss Badger, Billy Mills, Averill Browning, Paula Colletti, Wayne McCoy



DeQueen Elementary 51-52


Tom (Tommy) Dorsey sent this picture from DeQueen School circa 51-52.  

2nd Grade Miss LeRosen

First Row:  Danny Attaway, ?, Floyd Gladden, ? Tommy Dorsey, Regina Wing (according to Tommy Dorsey) , C.A. or D.A., Michael Tahaney and ?.

Second Row:   ?, ? Watts , Jim Ed Alleman,  ?, Charlotte Maltese (per Charlotte), Mike Otto, Benny Warner, Sherry Barrington, Judy Lewis, Donna McFadden and Ronny Landry.

Third Row: ? Glenda Johnson, Carolyn Anawaty, Linda Werner, Miss LaRosen, Darrell ?, ?, Don ?, ? and Gerald Thibodeaux