Reunion 2012 - 50 Years

Golf Pictures - Saturday Morning


Richard Briggs, (Linda Tatum spouse), low net score of 62 and closest to pin on #12, 1.5 inches to hole John Green, long drive on #4 and and closest to pin on #15 Don Landry, long drive on #14


Group #1 tee off at 9:00 AM - Jim Phillips (Susan Holtman's spouse), Carl Hudman (Carol Overman's spouse), Richard Briggs (Linda Tatum's spouse) Group #2 tee off at 9:08 AM - Archie Barron, Jim Cassel, Jack Hensley, Harold Schroeder  Group #3 tee off at 9:16 AM - John Green, Bill Robinson (Marlene McGee's spouse), Don Landry, Allen Derham (Geraldine Bailey's spouse)



(Photos left rather large so you can copy and print.  Click on pictures)


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