"Jive At 65"

Birthday Celebration Attendees

Classmate - Spouse/Guest                                     

Directions to Linda's on Pleasure Island

Warren and Danny Henry      
Lucille Miller Armintor - Lew Smith
Carolyn Anawaty Akers - Danny Akers
Linda Tatum Briggs - Richard Briggs
Dianne DeVoll Hotvedt - Marty Hotvedt - Cancelled
Mary Bergeron Dorsey - Tommy Dorsey
Harry Paul Logan - Carleen Logan - Cancelled
Gretchen Verboon Miertschin - Gary Miertschin

Don Landry - Judy Landry - Don only

Harold Schroeder - Jeannie Schroeder - Cancelled

Mike Eaves - Laverne Eaves - Cancelled

David Berg 

Ashton and Dianne Hecker

Jim Ed and Becky Alleman

Irene Montalvo Hebert - Cancelled
Melba May Schafer - Cancelled
Donna Berg McClelland

Wayne Taylor

Bob Jackson

Gracey Potter Weisbrod

Andy Foote - Cancelled

Renell d'Augereau – Perron

Jackie Hensley

Verna McMillan Johnston

Mary Ell Glass - Ruffner - Cancelled


Cheryl Chatagnier - Carson

Hanna Hampton Drago - Sam

Bob Morgan (59)

Sherry Morgan (61)




Going south on HWY 73 take the Cameron exit (Hwy 82)

Go over the MLK bridge

At the dead end take a right on T B Ellison

Go past the 4 way stop sign, the PA Yacht club will be on your right

Look for a gated road on your right (Mariners Cove)  

Enter gate and go to the dead end, where you will take a right (Southwind)

I live at 900 Southwind, a blue house at the beginning of the cul-de-sac




Cool Emails sent to the Class 


Good Morning,
     This is so nice of you to offer your lovely home for such a wonderful event. I would love to see everyone and visit, but due to a family wedding, I will not be in attendance. I am so sorry. 

Thank you for including me and hopefully, we can visit and catch up on children and grandchildren in the near future. Have a great time and know you will be in my thoughts.

Judy McVey Lee



Thank you for the invite to the Big Jive @ 65. Can you believe we are all in that age category. Wow! We just went to our Senior Prom!  I am sorry I won't be able to attend.
We book so for in advance when special functions come up like this I don't get to go.
Tell all Happy Birthday!  We will see you on the next event. Thanks for keeping me informed on all our class events.

Life is good! Let the good times roll. The clock is ticking for all of us.

Wishing all the best of health.

Love ya,

Phillip Pampolina 


Original Announcement

Jive at 65

for TJ ’62 and guests

Saturday, May 16 


Home of Linda Tatum Briggs and Richard Briggs

900 Southwind, Port Arthur (on Pleasure Island)

1:30 -

Bring your own drink and an appetizer

Dress: Sport Casual (jeans, shorts)


The Pompano Club 


330 Twin City Hwy, Port Neches

7:30 –

Dress: Smart Casual (no blue jeans)

Dinner is available for $18-$30.

RSVP for either lunch or dancing or both by April 27

rbriggs1@gt.rr.com or 409-982-9146


Also check Facebook Group

               Senior Class 1962 Thomas Jefferson High School, Port Arthur Texas



All TJ '62 Classmates and their guests are invited.

Please pass the word to those without internet/email access.

Mailing is too costly.




Meeting Was held -----


Location - Sanderson's Restaurant, Nederland, TX - Just North of Airport (site of last Reunion Afternoon Social)

Date - Saturday, July 26, 2008

Time - 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM


There were IDEAS!!!! Information will be forthcoming - emails will be sent out - your input will be needed

Keep in contact with Warren at his e-mail address warren.henry@sbcglobal.net.



"Jive at 65"


(Coined by Harry Paul Logan)

From Warren Henry:

At the end of our 45 year Class Reunion, I and others thought it would be a good idea to hold a 65th Birthday Bash for the Class of 62. I am willing to head it up, with a little help from my friends. 


Here is his suggestions:

By the comments made by the group it looks like "Jive at 65" is going to be the theme for our Birthday Celebration. I had some flash backs from our youth from Channel 4 "Jive at 5" weekly dance show that some of us appeared on. I think we need to put something on our website, and maybe a (heads up) in the form of a e-mail to the class so they can plan ahead. Next items on the agenda needing attention are the following but not limited to:

1. Date
A. If we attach it to the Ragin Cagun event, the date is set April 25, 2009
B. Open for suggestions, but I think sometime in the Spring or Fall of 09 because of the climate.

2. Location, Location, Location (select one) where would we get the best turn out!!!!!
A. RC event in Houston
B. Port Arthur
(1) Frank's Place and the Graduation Center on Proctor (dinner would have to be catered)
(2) The Pompano Club (variety of menu offering fish, shrimp, steak, or chicken) each person would be able to select one. Sit down dinner-cash bar.
(3) Larry's French Market (menu limited to pretty much seafood, cash bar)
(4) Esther's under the Bridge (same as above)
(5) Carolyn and Dianne's Beach Homes--too much to ask from our friends and hopefully too great of a turn out.
(6) Combination of #1 during the day and a choice of 2-4 that evening.



We are asking for input from our classmates and friends as to if you can support and want to participate.  Emails are encouraged.  He has stated that the intention is to keep the cost down for everyone so as little mailings as possible will be necessary.



Some notable quotes-----


Roger - 

1. I think it's a great idea.

2./3. I thnk we would have better participation if we keep it separate from the Ragin Cajun and have it locally. Or maybe at the beach in the off-season.

4. I vote for the "Medicare Party."




Linda - 
What about the Pompano with Ray Solis or Larry’s?

Or Houston or beach.




Carolyn - 

I vote yes. Here are a few facts to confuse you even more. The class
of 61 tied theirs to the Ragin Cajun and it turned out well. They had
it at the hotel in the afternoon and then everyone headed over to the
RC event. Think they catered Barbecue and had it around the pool and
also had a room off the pool so you could go in and out. April usually
allows for good weather.

If you decide on the beach, I will gladly offer my home. Dianne's new
beach house might also be built by then. We could do like we did
before and split it up or just light here. Eat, visit, boat rides or
boat down to Stingaree for lunch and back here for desserts.

If you decide on PA, I like the idea of the Pompano with Ray Solis.

Are you dizzy yet!!!!

Thanks for suggesting this Warren. If we have to turn that age, we
may as well cry in our beer together.




Lew - 

I think that this is a great idea. I think after some of the comments from the people that attended the reunion, I think we could have a good turnout. 


I don't think that it should a tie end with the Rajun Cajun as the turnout there seems to be getting less each year. I feel that more would come if it were held in PA. Another place to consider along with the ones already suggested might be Frank's place on Proctor. I know that the ones that worked on the reunion would be glad to help you in any way they can, and of course, Benny, Harry Paul and I would be more than happy to serve as "reality advisors" 


Putting it on the web site could serve as the main source of information and personal phone calls could also add to prospective attendees.

Be glad to help anyway I can.




Paul Fitzner - 

Great idea ...

As far as a location ... add to your list of thoughts "Larry's French Market's Banquet Room"

To see the "Banquet Room" go to: www.larrysfrenchmarket.com 




Harry Paul - 

You da man...I think from the response you can tell that this group's not ready for rocking chairs..they're ready to "Jive at 65". Although I'll just be 64, I enjoy hanging and partying with you older people....and I can get a fake ID and pass for 65. 


Reading Lew's email motivated me...I'm in. (Not that I needed motivation). OK, my initial response won't be much help because..I enjoy the beach, the Ragun Cajun, Larry's, and I'm sure I liked Pompano's at one time (but I don't remember much about it). Did I miss any place suggested??? 

Whatever I missed, I'm sure I would like it too. (Man, I'm sounding like Carolyn). 


Thanks for going out front on this thing, Warren. 




Carolyn - 

Harry Paul Logan - The reason you don't remember the Pompano is
because your car was always headed in a different direction (as in
Across The River).

I say we ban the less than 65 year olds from drinking. That should
teach them a thing or two.




Ben - 

I think the proposed gathering is a terrific idea. Like Harry Paul, I
won’t turn 65 till Aug 09, so I am delighted to help you old gummers party
any place and time.

Do you favor Jefferson County, as most of you are already in that area? It
might make the logistics simpler. You need to decide so we can criticize
more accurately.

I am aware, none of you like Carolyn and Danny but they do have a
beautiful new home on Bolivar and I know for a fact she and Dianne are
still hoarding money left over from the reunion fund. I doubt anyone has
thrown up in the living room yet, so that is one new location you might
consider. If Dianne and Marty have finished their place, we could trash
two new beach homes in one day! Just a thought!

Keep in mind, your “Reality Committee” stands ready and committed to
confuse, obstruct, supervise and delegate in as many ways as possible.

Great idea Warren!




Lew - 

I agree with Linda...."Jive at 65" is a great theme! I also want to add that I was talking with a friend who works with the High School Museum and she said that if we wanted she could make it available to us. Just need to give her about a weeks notice. The only request she has is that everyone make a $1 donation to go toward the continuing restoration. I think that is only fair and even I can spare a dollar(ha). 


Also that would be convenient if we should decide to have it at Frank's new place.