Larry's Mini Reunion

October 13, 2007

This yearly party is billed as a TJ, PNG, Nederland, and Bishop Byrne

get together.  But the place is open to all so there are many of the

regulars there and it is hard to spot the reunionees.


Huey and Donna, one of ours.  Great looking food.

Karen Dauphine Leblanc explaining how people used to party.

James Leblanc with Gene Dekerlegand all the way in from Alaska.

Paul and Cheryl updating events.


Ray, Sharon Wilson Cease, Cheryl, Albert.  Sharon and Ray came in from Pennsylvania.

Marty and Dianne up from the beach.

Ronnie and Karen made it in right after practice.

Ray and Sharon, welcomed by Cheryl (camera operator disabled flash, pic saved)


Coy Petteway taking in the scenery

Bob Morgan gets political tips from Joe Columbo

The Mickey Breauxs. A friend for 43 years.  Hey, I always take care of my friends.

Murphy McFadden from Texaco Softball days.  Linda helps with the Class of 68 webpage.

We didn't have a big Class of 62 showing so I finished up with some pics of old friends