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USMC Reunion - Parris Island - 2015


On the Left:  From the actual local Island Packet News.  Photo:  Flag Ceremony Marines with some of the local police who were very helpful. Here's a direct link to the article.





On April 23, 2015, Wayne Taylor participated in this Flag Ceremony in the original green uniform and Charlie Brabham was among those who saluted and stood in line at attention.  This took place in Bluffton, SC to honor fallen Marines from our original Parris Island Battalion from 1962.  The first video is a short version put out by the local paper, the second video is the full 10 minute ceremony.





One of the highlights of Reunion 2015 was this photo of us at ITR Camp Geiger that I grabbed at the last minute that amazingly many Marines never saw and never received.  This involved most of the Marines from our 236-239 Parris Island Series.  Thankfully CC Conkwright remembered he had indeed received it, and had it at home.  He did us a huge favor by having his taken in, scanned, and it saved on disk.  It is too large for normal scanning.  Although it was saved to him in "pdf" format, another of our Gurus, Ben Mashburn, Platoon 236, (left us April 26, 2019), converted it to "JPG" where I could edit, size, and put it up here.  Also here is a scan of the back, which is dear to me, of some of you who painfully found your photo.  Your signatures are very important to me.  






Photos Sent In for Posting, 11/15 

We can't find out much about this photo of Mike Bass in the center.  It appears to be from a Marine Corps Ball.





Classmates and Locals who served together June to December 1962

****Recently FOUND****


January 31, 2015

This photo was just found by the wife of Court Conkwright.  We guys know who that is.  It was taken probably in December 1962 at Camp Geiger, shortly before we were to come home.  Notice we were a very happy group.  In the picture is Bill Piggott, Bert Wolford, Charlie Brabham, Mike Bass, Ralph Moreno, and Wayne Taylor in the front bent over.  Notice our bunks in the background.

What a gold mine of a picture this is.  I didn't remember it, didn't know it existed.  He labeled it as the Texas Six Jarheads.



--The Locals in the Picture--

1st Row  #2 - Billy Wolford  (BB62) - 1st Row #4 - Israel Moreno (TJ62)

1st Row #6 - Bill Piggot (TJ62) - 1st Row, 4th from end - Wayne Taylor (TJ62)

3rd Row #5 - Charlie Brabham (TJ62)- Top Row, 2nd from end - Mike Bass (TJ62)


The Group who left for Parris Island on June 20, 1962

Mike Bass - TJ Class of 62.  Currently living in Beaumont, TX

Charlie Brabham - TJ Class of 62. Currently living near Houston, TX

George Bush - Lincoln HS - Location unknown  - (he had a family death, sent home, finished in a later platoon)

Israel Ralph Moreno - TJ Class of 62 - 

Deceased 9/3/1995

Bill Piggott - TJ Class of 62 - Died in 2010

Wayne Taylor - TJ Class of 62 - Currently living in Groves, TX

Bert "Billy" Wolford - BBHS Class of 62 - Currently living in Groves, TX




Interesting shots of Camp Las Pulgas, Camp Pendleton, CA where many locals served temporary 

Active Duty, many of our classmates

W. Taylor - Looking up at The Mountain from our barracks Billy Wolford in front of our Quanson Huts W. Taylor - Looking down, after a 20 min climb - great view B.Wolford looking West - could see the Pacific from here

W. Taylor - Tanks were stationed near us

Many of the local guys were here too W. Taylor -  walking during slack time ( & Charlie?) W. Taylor - Weekend Liberty "on the beach" W. Taylor - More fun during free time As a short timer in 1966, my last official assignment was Gear Guard Marching out, next stop the airport