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So many great old photos and articles that I just had to 

open up a new page.  In addition I recently uncovered 

some old cards/photos that I had been just throwing onto

my harddrive over the years.  Hopefully I can remember 

why I had been saving them. As I edit them for size I 

will throw them up here. Putting them up just as I find them.




16th St, later Gulfway Drive at Houston Ave. Used to be where the West Side started. I remember Heights Drug into the 60's. Doesn't look like her but this is Jane Russell with the Mgr. of the PPier. Probably one of those benefits for Texas City. I liked this photo of the Sub Courthouse. Very early photo of the KCS Depot. We had a jewel back then. It's labeled Lakeview Swimming Pool. I never made it there, those of you who did will have to verify this.


The 40's and early 50's cars make this about 1950.  Hope Leo Hebert sees this. Our very own Linda Tatum. The date is in the title, Feb 20, 1962. Junior High? Another one of those pics that I have no idea where I got it.  Couldn't do much with this photo but what is there is great. This is great because the date is there, 5-18-1918. Yes, over a hundred years ago.


Christmas Parade in 1940s. Used to have a lot of parades in PA. One of us might have been there. Fished many a day on that concrete wall. This had to be the 40s or 50s. Left this photo of Rose Hill rustic looking. Newport Cafe? Another great old photo. Newport Bar?  Not sure where this was located but great detail in the photo.


I believe this was on 7th St. as I think the school still owned the property until recently.

Listed as PA Chamber of Commerce 1955.  Names on back.

Back of Photo

PA College. That's the KPAC radio tower.  Great 38 Chevy? 

Not sure but looks like the WT Grant building.

Great detail from high up the Goodhue Hotel.


Probably the start of the Museum of the Gulf Coast. There's that Fredeman woman again.

Notice this is listed as THE PA High School. 

Wonder where this was located...  JK.?

The address 4540, so HE Austin and myself agree it could be Proctor.

Can't tell much from this view. It just says PA.

Someone wanted to be sure and see Jimmy Gambrell as in the title. Motorcycle cops..?


Any old photo of the Federal Building Post Office is good. This one shows how close Goodhue was. Another PA News photo of "our girls" in Jr. Hi. Another photo of just how popular Pleasure Island was. Don't think I went in this store more than a couple times.  Unusual to have a Super Market in a downtown. The first PP Bridge. What's great here is we can see just where that old hotel was located.  Where the Court House eventually was built.


Wow.  Even the PA Jail was segregated back then.

A 70's Olds?  Probably not long after this when LUPA took over the library.

First time I saw this photo was old friend Gerald Thibodeaux sent it to me maybe 15 yrs ago.

Another view with a different perspective. See more of the city here.  Interesting on the back..

Back of Card


Too bad she was never identified.  Interesting on the back....


Back of Diving Board


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