Mix@66 - Pictures

May 15, 2010



Dennis, Ben,

and our host

Dennis, Ben


Linda and Danny


A group ready to eat


Mary and Tommy, always a great picture

A small group with some of the food - Carolyn working

If the Nuns at St. James could see us now

Don and Warren in deep discussion - Ashton working

A priceless pic, the Blessing


Blessing over, time to eat


Charlie- HP said there is a reason why he didn't wear a hat

HP and Tommy


Lucille, Danny, Carrie having lunch

Don and Judy doing just fine

A group having loads of fun

The rest of that group


Ginger, Carleen, Nicky, Richard

Donna, George - neighbors

Dianne, Linda


Michele and the Mayor


Lucille, Bob


Carleen, Charlie


 Carrie having fun


Mary always takes great pictures

Warren explains


HP, Ginger, Paul


Getting ready for the group picture

Jackie was having a great time

HP, Sandy, Charlie


Linda, Richard, Jackie, Danny, Mary

Warren, Lucille

Bob, Ben

Don, Judy

Michelle, the Mayor

Carrie, Ashton

Danny, Richard dancing to Paul's music HP, Mayor, Michelle Danny, Jacky, Mary Michelle, Charlie, Sandy A well fed friend


Once again, our hostess

Hostess and host


Lucille, Michelle, Carolyn