These phots were floating around the internet and

I came across them some months back.  Been saving

them and now it's time to post them.  They are NOT pics

of Port Arthur but go back a ways anyway.  Enjoy.

More similar photos found......


Before Spreadsheets, money transactions were kept with Leger Books.

Early Artificial Xmas trees looked nothing like a real tree.

Women's shoes?

At one time these were all there was.  I think I have one of these in my attic.

Haven't seen these in years, Long ago everyone had a pair saved.

Butcher Block Paper. Before all meat became packaged in clear plastic.

Naturally this was before computers came along.

Wasn't allowed to walk on the Gym floor with "street" shoes.

Of course when cloth diapers were used, had to have special safety pins.

Yet another day long gone by.  Notice it's not even "Widescreen".

Vacuum Cleaners were this type or upright.

This is how we learned to write in cursive, or as it was called, "longhand"

This is sure the type of desks I remember in the 3rd Grade.

I suppose all you girls had some of this.

They sell these nowdays but they are called "Retro".

Didn't need these if the turntable was made for 45's.

That's a '57 Merc and looks like a '58 Ford. So...

Many of these are still in use today.

Looks like a lot of work for just a few curls.

These are still used today in some of those Retro Soda Shops.

I ran one of these in High School Printshop. And once used one in the 80's.

Every little girl had a Diary.  Didn't you, Girls?

This looks to be inside a Drug Store.

Isn't this still in use today, Gals...?

Are these real or fakes...?

When we visited relatives in Louisiana, some still had these.  Today there is one at the local Gun Range.

I never saw one of these in the light, only in the dark. So I guess that's what it is.

OUCH...  this hurts to look.

This had to be before everyone used thowaway diapers.

Down the street, Charles Moncrieft's mother had one in their garage.  Those ringers scared me.

Yes, only 8 in a box.

I guess they had to have several sizes available.

These look like they could have been in the People's Theater downtown.

I guess every girl will know what this is.

Looks from the 50's.  Today I use a Sony Walkman when running on the track.




We had an A&P on 16th St. Parents didn't shop there so I probably didn't go in there more than 4-5 times.

Our Ben Franklin was in the 3600 block of 16 st.  Went in there many times. Not too far from my home.

This kid with the BB Gun would be spanked today with our pc world. He probably grew up to be a serial killer.

Car Hops on skates. I never saw any here but I think in one of my old pages are some at the old Paragon.

WOW! Lots to see here. Seat belts?  It looks like about a '50 Olds, standard shift too. And of course, she has on the "sweater" of the day.

Looks like the old type of reach in and pay at the counter kind.

WOW! Don't think any of our Drive In's were near this big. That's why it's South Bend, IN. How can the cars on the edges see the picture?

Doesn't look like anywhere in Texas here. Lots of great old cars, probably early 60's because there's a 60's VW in the middle.

Remember what a job it was to defrost the freezers.  No automatic  Icemaker here.

For sure this day will never come again.  Most stations were .19 cents but I went to the "cheap gas station" and paid .17 cents for my '55 Chevy.

This "fad" came and went pretty fast.  This gal may have been one of those "Hula Hoop Champions".

Nice of them to leave the date on it.  This little girl would be nearly 60 now.

Bet we all did this. She wouldn't remember it but Charolette and I did this in Mrs. Goldman's class the entire year.  She didn't "pass it" but just dropped it behind her on my desk.

The things that can trigger memories. House behind me had big swings. Bunch of us were swinging, Johnny Wagnon(TJ63) from across the street fell off, his arm was all crooked. My father took him to the hospital, only a broken arm.

Remember these well, we skated at the nearby 4th Ave Baptist Church with lots of sidewalk. These sure tore up the shoes though.

Sock Hop?  I can't recall we calling them "Sock Hops" around here.  Must be a NY term.  We just said we were going to the "Teen Dance".

See anything wrong here?  If they are using a real baseball, then that Chrysler could be in for a lot of trouble.  Or maybe the one who hits it. The more I look at it I think the photo is reversed.  Everyone can't be Left Handed.

Not one of my fav cars but I still would love to have that 1954 Chevy Bel Air 2dr Hardtop.

Hard to think back on it but yes the TV stations went off the air at midnight, after playing the SSB. This is all one saw until 5 or 6 in the morning.

Yes, only 1 TV back in the early 50's. I got so mad, I wanted to watch The Lone Ranger but when Lucy came on, the channel was changed.


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