New/Old Pictures




Here is a terrific old photo sent by Nancy Pryor.  They believe the girls are:


Nancy Pryor, Virginia ?, Carol Sue Overman, Nancy Bottenhoff ?, Leni Anderson, and in front, Harriet Ellerbee.








Dale says..............

Here are the two pics  from my scrap book. They were both taken by Cricchio photography and were some that were left over from the yearbook that were not used in the finished volume. I was on the yearbook staff and we were given an opportunity to take the ones we wanted after the book went to press. I recall there being a big stack of photos, how I wish I had been more... greedy and had rescued a lot more. I know many were taken, so I know a lot are out there somewhere! 


These are interesting to me because one shows a lot of the Gym, wish we could make out more of the kids there.  His description of them and how they were selected is noteworthy too.





Here is an old photo sent to the Class of 61 which they say includes girls from our class.   Perhaps you can fill in some of the missing names.  It's a large photo and I left it large.


Comments below from Claire Landry (TJ63):  Sent to Class of 61...


I have this picture, as I am one of the 3 yr olds pictured.  On the back, my mother has written the names she knew from left to right:  Judy Milburn, ?, Sandra Broussard, Jill Smith, ?,  Kathleen Hollier,  Marsha McCree, Sandra Wiggins, Sue Ellen Guidrey, Patricia Wingfield, ? Miller, Penny Bazaar,  Karen Colvin, Claire Ann Landry, Peggy Hosen, Barbara Ann Nielsen, Pamela ?, ?, ?,  Donna Cheryl Peveto, Mercedes Langdon. 


The picture was taken in the original two story Florence Coleman Studio in downtown Port Arthur on Procter St. next to the Ford dealership. Penny Bazaar, Peggy Hosen, Marcia McCree and I were the only ones of this group that continued with Florence Coleman into our teens.  Sandra Wiggins went on to dance at the Annabelle Taylor School of Dance as may have others.  I remember Jill Smith and Mercedes Langdon taking for a few years as well.  


Thanks for taking me down memory lane.  Many good memories.


Claire Landry Jackson


Pictures courtesy of Trudy Wood Dunn

Taken at a party at Marty Fleckman's house back in the 50's

Girls in back - Margaret Meeker, Lucille Miller, Trudy Wood

Guys - Richard Vanderploeg, Marty Fleckman (looking between his legs), George Hadden

Guys on Front - Bobby Rabuck, George Hadden, Richard Vanderploeg

Girls - Lucille Miller, Trudy Wood, Margaret Meeker, and Gracey (?) hidden

Lucille Miller, Trudy Wood, Gracey Potter


-A Great Scan Sent in by Gracey-

Go Jackets.....BEAT THE GREENIES! --------

left to right- bottom row…Gail Eck, Jean Hardin, Mary Ell Glass

top row…Sue Stokes, Gracey Potter

-Lucille describes this photo-

It was the Pilot Club, a women’s civic organization and Miss Louise Erwin, our high school counselor, chose us to participate.

Francis Proft (61), Lucille, Mavis Landers





I been there.  Probably breathed that stuff.

It was from late classmate Gerald Thibodeaux.  He said it was from a book on Port Arthur.



These were handed to me some time back, finally got around to scanning them.

Left most pictures rather large to let you see details.  Remember, we didn't take

the pictures or write the captions on the back, we just scanned and put them up on

the website.  Don't shoot the messenger.


JoEllen Johnson, Ann Miller, Pam Huber, Pat Wingfield, Joan Leavell Joan Leavell, JoEllen Johnson, Ann Miller, Dianne Devoll - dated 1959 Joan Leavell, Ann Miller, Pam Huber, Pat Wingfield, JoEllen Johnson, - Slumber Party at Dianne Devolls Judy McVey, JoEllen Johnson - Lakeview Camp, taken by Dianne Devoll


Bk - Linda C., Mary Ann D., Diane L., Gaynell N., Carol S., Ann R.

Ft - Ann N., Nova Lynn C., Ann M., Pam H., Kay T., Ann K., Dianne D., Mary Ell G. - Xmas Party Dianne Devoll's , 1955

Charles McDonald, Tim C., Shelby Dorsey, Robbie Darvell, Pam Huber, Ann Miller, Dianne Devoll - 4th Grade Sam Houston Lynn Miller and Carol Scott - Caption says "was with Dianne Devoll at Carol's parents beach cabin, Summer of 1961"

Lynn Miller - Summer of 1961


The caption says "Carol Johnson in wilder days with Spooky Laird at beach for night wiener roast". - Fall 1960 The caption says "Joan Leavell spending the night with Dianne Devoll".  (date on pic, Mar 59) The caption says "Linda Axtell & baby doll on tricycle".  (hey, we didn't write them, we just put them on the website)