OLD Port Arthur


Here we go with more old stuff that went over so

well with the Barber's Pics.  I probably have about

100 saved with more to look at where a certain website

has many of them.  Plus I have probably >30 old PA post

cards that I bought and will need to be scanned and

then edited before putting up. Hope to get some help with

some from our old PA expert, JK Petteway.  Like I said before,

ENJOY ....


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See Back of this Picture..


This is the First National Bank dated 1929.  The cars always tell us something.  Located at 501 Proctor St.

This is FNB dated 1944. That must be a 1941 Ford then but the 1946 is identical.

The pic said 1969 but not being able to see if the bridge, nor the cars up close, it's hard to say for sure.


See Back of this Picture..


As many know Gov. Shivers was from PA.  Interesting note on the back.

I vaguely remember this place, I'm sure I went in there with parents. Is this 6th at Austin?  Can't exactly picture where it's at.  Is that the PA City tall column in the background?  Neat cars, this has to be the 1950's.



The sign says Barbara Daigle, dated 1953.  I believe it's a 53 Olds.  Have several neat parade pics to go up. Mingle Motors was 1149 Proctor St.

As many know Barbara Lynn is from Bmt.  One of the many singers or entertainers I have to put up.

Barbara Lynn with Dick Clark.  Have to assume this is American Bandstand.

Benny Barnes was also from Bmt. I believe.  He was big for a long time.

See edited and cropped picture


The Big Bopper, JP Richardson with his wife he called Teetsie.  Her full name was listed back at the source but I didn't get it. It was dated 1955, 4 yrs before the Music Died.


BJ Thomas from Houston.  He has played in PA at a R&R Concert.  Such a great pic, I thought it would be nice up here.

Remember this place very well.  The pic is labeled 1959. Was located at 1313 Proctor.

We all remember Bluesteins, 601-609 Proctor.   Dismukes Furniture was 428 Waco Ave.  The cars make this the 1950's, nice Studebaker.

Another singer-writer from Louisiana.  He was a multi-talented song writer, he wrote this song that Bill Haley made famous.

Bob Wills at the PPier Ballroom.  So many performed there, have some good ones to put up.


From Roger: In front is his grandfather, Juan.  Remember Pop's Pool Hall? That's him. To his Left, Uncle Eloy. R. Trumpet player, his father Juan Jr. Extreme Rt. Violin player, AC Cantu. The photo has to be 1939 or 40. 



This is Gov. Connelly touring PA after Hurricane Carla.  The back had some other names, I didn't get them.

1954 - This is noteworthy because the Policeman in back is Tommy Baxter, long time PA Cop.  Looks like a Jeep and a Ford, note the Flathead Motor. Where is the rest of the Ford?  Was this a "Stripdown" as we called them.  The source said there was a death here, is he in the seat?

This was Case Electric located at 612 7th St.  Didn't this become another business at some point?  Next door was City Signs at 343 Dallas Ave..

Case Electric, the truck should tell us something.  Note the next door business, Texas Coffee Co, 620 7th St.



See Back of this Picture...


The first Oil Industry Celebration in 1952, held at PPier.  The back names some of the people involved.

See Back of this Picture....


More from that first Cavoilcade year.  It was not called that in the first year.

These were Cavoilcade princesses, apparently at Rose Hill.  Not sure who Boudreaux is.  Might be a 65 Grad.

Another Princess and Escort.

The Cavoilcade Parade in 1964. S.H. Kress was 625 Proctor St.


The pic was labeled a Cavoilcade queen but probably a princess.

Another oldie looks to be in the 1940s.  Chamber of Commerce 609 5th later moved to 530 Waco. Texas Insurance was at 615 5th St.

More downtown in the 1950's.  Love the old cars.  Station Wagons, ahhhh.  Thom McAn was at 518-521 Proctor.

Not sure who this band was ... it's dated 12-18-47, Xmas time, at the old PPier Ballroom.

This doesn't appear to be real old, but we have had several of these over the years.



Clarence Frogman Henry with the real Beatles.

I remember Clegg Motors the Lincoln Mercury dealer.  The source said this was John and Ted.

This was Clyde McCoy at the PPier Ballroom.

No info but I spotted a young Coach Smitty Hill accepting an award.

The old Coastal Inn ....  my help will fill us in on this place.


This is a Chamber of Commerce banquet at the Avalon Ballroom.  Wasn't this on 16th St?

This says Chamber of Commerce meeting in 1951.

Cookie and the Cupcakes.

This was labeled 1956.

Cooke and the Cupcakes. Looks to be later.

Cookie and the Cupcakes.

This photo was for their induction into the Museum.

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