OLD Port Arthur


Here we go with more old stuff that went over so

well with the Barber's Pics.  I probably have about

100 saved with more to look at where a certain website

has many of them.  Plus I have probably >30 old PA post

cards that I bought and will need to be scanned and

then edited before putting up. Hope to get some help with

some from our old PA expert, JK Petteway.  Like I said before,

ENJOY ....


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Not sure where this was but it's noteworthy to see the price to go see Louis Armstrong.

I remember this fountain well.  When did it go away?

Who doesn't remember the Don Drive-In.  The movies look to be the 60's.

.I never get enough of these Downtown PA photos.  It's dated 1948.

This is labeled North but it's actually looking East as the city goes.  From the 50's.



This downtown includes Cavoilcade decorations so we know it's the 50's in the Fall.

The cars in this downtown shot makes it the 40's.  That guy crossing the street never dreamed he would be famous 70 years later.

Great shot.  Don't see a lot of old pics like this because it took an expensive camera in those days to do a night time shot.

Those two cars, one approaching and the white on the right, are early 60's "compact" cars I believe which would make this the early 60's.

It says this is 1920's, a post card of which they have a "painting" effect.  I don't see any 30's cars, do you?  Could be a '32 bottom left.


This was before there was a PA - Orange bridge so it was before 1938.  The cars are a dead giveaway.

Back of Picture Notation...


This pic had a date of 8-24-45.  Not sure what "Firegirls" were.

First Methodist Church which is part of Lamar Port Arthur now.  Is that snow?

This was labeled Memorial at 39th but I can't put my finger on which way it's situated.

I recall this place, was it right across the street from WT Grant?  I know I sat in the car when my mother went in.



Fred Miller's was my dream place, all the nice bicycles.  This is dated 1944.

This place sounds familiar but I can't place it.  I'm sure the answer will come from one of my friends.

Back of Picture Note...


Great early pic of John W. Gates' home...  which today is Rose Hill..

A pic of Rose Hill on a post card.

Yes the Library is that old.


Nice Bio on back of pic..


Glenn Stillwell in his later years.  He looked nothing like this when he was in our Marine Reserves. Left us in I believe 2006.

Some Info and names on back...


The Golden Jubilee was a PA Celebration in 1948.  Note names, one is Tad Tadlock, not sure which one..


The Grand Goodhue Hotel.  The cars make this the 40's.

What is great about this pic is the hotel, the Post Office building, and the Adams Building around 1954. Been there.

Gordon Baxter, could have been called the King of PA.  Looks like Bob Wills and his boys, probably in the later 40's.  One of the band was from PA.


Grangers in Sabine Pass, 1939. Ate there as a kid, fish all over the walls.  I think a fire got it.

This is labeled as Hank Thompson at Dessau Hall, where ever that was.

Hank Thompson and Jesse James at Dessau Hall again.

The Famous Harry Choates and his band.


Harry Choate Bio on back..


The famous Harry Choates at the aforementioned Dessau Hall.


The Famous Harry James was from Beaumont.

Located at 1904 9th Ave.  I worked there all through HS.  This looks about early 60's, could have been while I was away at PI.  Some Class 62 guys here too.  The gal in white worked in Meat Market, seems her name was Mercedes. Next to her Billy Craig (yes, Betty and Janet's Bro), #8 Ed Schaefer (62), Phillip Benjamin (62), then Royce Abshire (62). I changed that Marquee every Saturday Nite, the letters were stacked up there.

The Grand Hotel Sabine in the 1930's.

Notation on Back of Photo...


Congressman Jack Brooks at the Seawall.  He is credited with building up our levy system that saved us in Hurricane Ike.

Names on Back of Photo ...


Jack Brooks was a legend in these parts.  He actually was a Marine Officer at Iwo Jima.



Jameson Grocery.  The notation said was located at Orange and Stadium Rd.  Would that be Orange Highway? 

Looks to be Proctor St. in the 50's.  I remember the Western Auto.

A young looking Jane Russell.  After the Texas City explosion, many benefits were held with stars all over Texas.  Here she is at the PPier.

Joe Sanders at the PPier.  Signed too.

John Fred was from Louisiana.  Left us around 2004.  I hope he knew how big his first hit, "Shirley", was around here thanks to Steve-O the Nite Rider.

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