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One of the nicest guys I ever met.  We lost him in 2011.  Always so gracious, to sign anything.  When we PA Marines were at PI in 62, and got around to meeting guys, when I said I was from PA, Bill Hodgkinson of Ohio piped up, "Wow, Running Bear, Johnny Preston.  I told Johnny this story at about 2007, he said, "Thank you for telling me that".

Johnny Winters and Isaac Peyton Sweat.

Everything is known about the Winters Bros but the saga of Isaac Peyton Sweat is another mystery.  His death is still not solved even though it appears his wife did it.  She was not charged, no proof.

This is interesting to me because I worked for the KCS in 1967 and Deramus was still the president then.


Very early photo of the KCS Passenger Depot.  Interesting to me because I was working there the day the last Passenger Train left PA.  I have a brochure I need to scan.

Those in PA who allowed this building to be torn down should be shot.  I worked over here a couple times.  The upstairs was like a scene out of the 30's, lots of old stuff was still in there.




Great photo of a "new" KCS Diesel Locomotive. This is how they created the fishing levees, not sure which one this is. Early view of Lee School. I spotted this one with Leo Hebert, Class 64. The girl is Cavoilcade Queen Alice Dumesneil.  Info sent in by Robert Iles TJ70.  Thanks Robert.  This goes a long way back but with some of the names they should be known to someone in our class.


I believe it was 800 Proctor.  I went through this building some 30 - 40 years ago, it was sound then. I think this is either part of the PA Historical Society or Lamar. I recognize Mayor MB Avila, father of Carl Avila (61).  Carl left us in 2017.  Probably makes this late 50's. Merchants Bank on a Post Card... Mickey Rooney was another who did a Texas City benefit here at the PPier.  Makes this late 1947.


Mickey Rooney with Sonny Tufts at the PPier for that TC benefit.

Mitchell Gulf in 1945, located ?.


Moon Mullican band.  Were they local?

Moon Mullican was at the piano.  Recognize anyone else in the photo? 

PA Officer Tommy Baxter riding down the old Seawall Drive in 1949. He left us in 2017.


This is early, early PA.


The source didn't identify this building but it has to be PA College in the early 40's. My house is in there, I had heard it was once flooded and fixed. This is dated 1962 ...  a memorable year. The French Village, 7th St. at Houston Ave.  Looks to be possibly the early 50's.


Did a lot of shopping at Barkers.  Might still have some things I bought there.  This has to be the 60's. The World Famous Boogie Kings with contact information. A good photo of how they looked when performing. I may have this picture on the site somewhere, they are starting to all look alike, but it has great detail and the cars look to be the 50's. Great Post Card of the Goodhue Hotel in the 40's.


Great aerial photo that shows a lot of detail, from the 50's obviously.  The Ship Channel had been widened but the YMCA is still there. This is dated the 40's, can't see the bridge but Woodrow Wilson hasn't been enlarged. This is a perplexing view.  The YMCA is gone, bridge is gone so it has to be at least the 70's.  But it's the old Seawall. Those old photos had those jagged edges.  It's the airport in 1945. This is apparently the building of the PPier bridge, looking from the island.  It's dated 1940 but I don't know.....


This was a PA hangout in the late 50's to the 60's.  The small burgers were just buns, meat, pickle, and some special sauce.  One time we were bored so Raymond Lawrence(61)  said he could eat 15.  We kept buying them, he kept eating them.  He loved them.

Names Noted on Back...


A group of big time PA people back then.

This is hard to date but Woolworth is still open so it may be the 50's or 60's.

This says Downtown Parade in 1912.

This was a big celebration of the opening of the PA - Orange bridge in 1938.

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