OLD Port Arthur


Here we go with more old stuff that went over so

well with the Barber's Pics.  I probably have about

100 saved with more to look at where a certain website

has many of them.  Plus I have probably >30 old PA post

cards that I bought and will need to be scanned and

then edited before putting up. Hope to get some help with

some from our old PA expert, JK Petteway.  Like I said before,

ENJOY ....


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Another great aerial view which can tell us so much.  The waterway is very narrow, nothing on the bottom of the bridge.  Has to be no later than the late 30's or early 40's. The source said this was the 50's.  Is that the Hussars? The source said this was 1942.  I remember it looking like this in the 50's. This looks like it could be in that 1953 parade group. The great old PA Post Office.  From the 30's.




Barbara Putnam in that same 53 Parade.  I once lived within a block of 3 Queens. Barbara was 1/2 block away and down the street was Sue Terrell and down the avenue was Darlene Jacobs. The PPier swimming pool was a very popular place.  Hard to date this photo. Port Arthur College. Another sight we will never see again.  One computer can do  the work of all these typewriters. Another great downtown view looking East probably in the early 50's as it looks like a 50 Mercury there. One of the PA downtown theaters which appears to be  the Strand.


The Jokers with Jivin' Jean of course.  I may have this on the website somewhere but this one has great detail. That same 1953 Parade with Hazel Gayle. This is Paula Hensarling, who was also a Hussar. Who could forget the Port Theater.  This is probably the early 50's.  Any one of us could be in that photo. Poor quality photo of early PA when the Street Cars ran downtown.


Great backside view that shows how high the Roller Coaster ran and the Ballroom from the water.

Interesting Note on Back.....


(or would you call it the front?  Yes, kiddies, it once was a "penny" postcard.)

A colorized drawing on a Post Card that gives us a panoramic view.

This has to be the "new" PPier bridge build in 1970.

We can't tell a lot with this photo except it's 1945.

A super aerial photo that showed just how popular Pleasure Island was.  It's dated 9-11-52.


Poor quality here but we can still see very much in this mid 50's aerial view. This is dated 9-17-55 and it's a great aerial view. Great color photo, dated 1960.  It has to be from the island side. This just says Oil Tanker.  I was there in the 60's when one of those Supertankers came through, a crowd was there to see it pass.  There was about 6' on either side when it passed the bridge.  Wonder why there's no pics of it? I love this photo, great detail.  It shows us so much.  Had to be taken from the Sabine Hotel.  Dated 8-1-45.


Great view dated 7-28-70.  The old bridge is gone, can make out the new bridge.  Still old Seawall Dr., Lakeshore curves around, straight now..

See Description on Back...


Dick Dowling Monument in Sabine Pass.  Dated Sept. 7, 1964.


A sight we saw so many times.  I can barely make out the date on the bottom, I believe it's 1954.

This church has special meaning for me.  Never attended but grew up directly across Thomas Blvd.  We played many, many football games on the lot to the left.  Right behind it was Robby Tantillo, down from him was Mike Gracey.  Down first house to the right on Thomas was Carl Pavia.

A colorized post card that we can see a lot of detail.  The "Y" is there, Ship Channel not widened.  Has to be probably early 50's.


See Back of Photo for Names...


Opening Day for the Port Arthur Seahawks.  PA had hit the big time with a real minor league team.

A rare view of Proctor St. looking North or East.  Dated in the early 50's.

Walgreens on the corner and the Strand Theater.  This should be able to tell us that other unknown theater. The cars tell us this is probably the early 50's.

PA decorated for Christmas, the cars make it in the 40's.

Pleasure Pier rides in the early 50's.  I have this up somewhere but the detail is better in this photo.


Thelma Tadlock, in the back, became one of PA's most famous people.  This was a big celebration of PA's 50 yr jubilee in 1948.

Interesting Back of Card....


Pleasure Pier Post Card with an unusual view from the Lake.

A different view of a ship, the CB Watson, passing through the bridge.

Very interesting.  Pleasure Island before it was an island, no bridge and no ship channel.  From the 20's.

The Great Village Theater.  The cars make this the mid 50's.  One of those bicycles could have been mine I went there so many times.

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