Various Elementary School Pictures


This news clipping from Linda Tatum Briggs is interesting to me, for a couple reasons, mainly because the names are there.  I doubt if few of you could pick out the faces even with my editing it extra large.  But the names tell of who was there.  It's also kinda bittersweet to me because I see many names that are gone from us, including some of my best friends.  We can enjoy it anyway. 


Another Great "Old" Photo 

“Here's a famous group from Robert E. Lee Elementary! Front L-R, Patsy Smith, Jo Ellen Johnson, Judy McVey, Joan Leavell, Carol Lee Pittman. Back, L-R, Linda Lee Axtell, Sherry Welch” posted by Jo Ellen Johnson Gibson on FB. 



I love these old pictures, precious little children.  I recognize the ones named without a doubt and wish I could help with some of the others.  I probably would not recognize myself at this age unless someone did it for me!! I feel like I am looking at a school picture from the Little Rascals show!!  

Hey, to everyone....Sharon Sibley B



Gretchen Verboon send this picture of her First Grade class at Lee Elementary with almost all the names so sit back and enjoy looking the these darling young people.  

Teacher:  Miss Garren

Front Row: Carly Jo Vines, Darlene Foster, John Wilder ?, Kay ???, Mary Lynn Parsons, Don Wheeler, Clifford Tibbetts, Joan Fisher, Bonnie Fitch, Patricia Coats, Annette Tomlinson, Reva Bullock, Shirley Looper, Bonnie Scott, Judy McVey, Susan Parker 

Top Row:  Harry Harbert, Susan Holtman, Dayne Johnston, Katheryn Eagan, Judy Row, Joan Leavell, Gretchen Verboon, James Neal Leavell, Charles Tortoris, Billy Scheifley, Linda Axtell, Jo Ellen Johnson, Linda Beth Turner, Judy Irvine, Patsy Lou Smith


Franklin Elementary School  1949-1950

(A much better scan sent by Dale Saulsberry)



Teacher:  Miss Gloria Laubach


First Row:  Butch Lusignan, ?, Philip Pampolina, ????, Jackie Ballard, ???, Carolyn Menchaca


Second Row:  Billy Feltman, Marthina Walters, Earl DeFrates, ???, Dale Saulsberry, ??, Margaret Borres


Elaine Pansano Griner added the latest names, and said this..... "I didn't start in Franklin School until the fourth grade but I recognize a few more people.  I love these old school pictures. 





DeQueen School - First Grade - Miss Montgomery

( Original photo on left, cropped and enlarged on right)

Front Row:  David Bowker, Lester Billeaud, ?, ?, Averill Browning, Mike Otto, ?, ?, Ron Jordan, Danny ?

Second Row: G.W. Bailey, ?, Tommy ?, ?, Lynn Miller, ?, Carolyn Baggett, ?, Mick Tahaney, Mavis Landers, Phillip McCollough



DeQueen Elementary - 2nd Grade Miss Badger


(Sent in a few years ago by our late James Lewis.  All he said then it was the 2nd grade.)



First Row: John Davis, Lynn Miller, ?, Beverly Smith,?,?, Melba May, Ronald Jordan, Peggy Hosen


Second Row: Sadie (? last name), ?, ?, Eugenia 'Hicky' Vicknair, Michael Guidry, ?, Lester Billeaud, Nora de Steiguer, ?, Dickie Romero


Third Row: Elizabeth Adams, Jeff (? last name), John Taylor, Martin Hefley, Royce McConathy, Charlie Brabham, James Lewis, Ann Nielsen, Karen Olive


Fourth Row: Miss Badger, Billy Mills, Averill Browning, Paula Colletti, Wayne McCoy




DeQueen Elementary 51-52


Tom (Tommy) Dorsey sent this picture from DeQueen School circa ’51-’52.  

2nd Grade – Miss LeRosen

First Row:  Danny Attaway, ?, Floyd Gladden, ? Tommy Dorsey, Regina Wing (according to Tommy Dorsey) , C.A. or D.A., Michael Tahaney and ?.

Second Row:   ?, ? Watts , Jim Ed Alleman,  ?, Charlotte Maltese (per Charlotte), Mike Otto, Benny Warner, Sherry Barrington, Judy Lewis, Donna McFadden and Ronny Landry.

Third Row: ? Glenda Johnson, Carolyn Anawaty, Linda Werner, Miss LaRosen, Darrell ?, ?, Don ?, ? and Gerald Thibodeaux



This is a Lucille find called "White Gypsy Tyrrell 6th Grade".  The original scan, on the left, has a lot of extras like chairs, curtain.  Editing it brought out more of the students.

Port Arthur News articles states:  “The directors of the play were Eldora Begnaud and Betty Ruth Lumbley.

Cast members are:  Pat Solis, Bobby Rabuck, Nancy Pryor, John Lusk, Theron McComber, Kathy Irvine, Phyllis Moak, John Vandergrift, Carrie Hebert, Lewis Smith, 

Judy Prejean, Mike Chernosky, Martin Fleckman, Charles Brabham, Mickey Dunlin, Warren Goss, Leni Anderson, Mable Baker, Joel Boone, Brenda Cummins, Harriett, Ellerbee, Brenda Emerson, Fan, Garrett, George Hadden, Hanna Hampton, Jean Harden, Jeanne Holmes, Sandra Ladner, Ellen LaFleur, Judy McGee, Marcia McRee, 

Margaret Meeker, Pam Moyer, Lucille Miller, Carol Overman, Charlotte Schaefer, Sam Showalter, Loretta Snoek, Grace Tipps, Carolyn Vandergrift, Mary Lou Wagner, Sheryl Bradley, Dolly DeYoung, Lucy Evans, Donald King, Joan Lyday, Larry McDuffie, 

Abram Ogea, Linda Reaves, Jo Ann Rodrigue, Alice Fay Spears, Pat Voight, Anne Balentine, Doris Berry, Geraldine Breaux, Gayle Brown, Janice Brown, Beverly Cullum, 

Elizabeth Iverson, Grace McCready, Ginger McMillan, Linda Oates, Linda Nell Parker, Elizabeth Rourk, Katherine Shaunfield, Ann Smitherman, Linda Sonnier, Sharon Wilson, Cherry Williamson, Mable Baker.  

The two faculty directors were assisted by Sue Schroeder, Betty Moncrief and other Tyrrell teachers.”


Robert E. Lee Elementary


Received from Paul Fitzner, Helen Abraham's picture

(Picture left large to see detail)