Reunion 2007


Reunion 2007 is history.  We will have many pictures to

post here in the next days and weeks.  So much information

that it will take some time.  All we can say at this time is ---


Thank You



A Schedule change was necessary due to the Graduate Museum 

 being not available.

Saturday Afternoon Social is scheduled at Sanderson's Restaurant.

Sanderson's address: 2095 North Hwy 69, Nederland, TX 

Located just North of the Airport, Spurlock Road exit

The TJ room is reserved from 1-4. Those who would like to eat lunch at 1

p.m. should RSVP to Mary Bergeron Dorsey at

The social itself is still from 2-4. 


"The final scheduled pre-reunion meeting was held at Linda's Tatum Briggs' home on
August 25th at 11 am.  Most issues were resolved but we need to urge those 

who haven't sent in their registrations and questionnaires to do so ASAP 

so we can get food and beverages setup.


(Amusing Pictures added below)



Link onto this file in Word format and follow instructions...

Questionnaire for booklet




Here are additional scanned copies of the Reunion Schedule

Reunion Schedule

and then the Reunion Registration

Reunion Registration

for you to bring up and print out.  Then fill out and follow the instructions.



"Reunion announcements for the following have been returned as
undeliverable. If you have or can get their current address, please send it
to Lucille Miller Armintor at
Thanks, The Reunion Committee."


1. J. W. Attaway
2. Gerald Bailey
3. Geraldine Bailey Russell
4. June Blackman Kutz
5. L. J. Blenderman 
6. Cecil R. Burks
7. Theresa Clary Havard 
8. Dolly Ann DeYoung Scogins
9. Sandra Ferris Ezell
10. Jacqueline Ann Hall Faulk
11. Clifford Leroy Hoffpauir
12. Ronald Paul Jordan
13. Donald Gene Landry
14. Ronald K. New
15.  Linda Quinn Chapa  
16.  Barbara Scheler - Weller
17. Shirley Ann Thames Brown
18. Nancy Florence Stokes Short




Reunion Meeting Held


Reunion meeting was held Saturday, May 5th at Lucille's
house. We prepared envelopes to mail out the invitations. 

If anyone does not get an invitation within the next few 

weeks please let us know.

Here is a reminder of the decisions made at our last meeting:

The Friday night social will be October 19th at 7 pm at Esther's. 

For photo opportunities, be there at 6:00.  

Hors d'oeuvres will be provided (cash bar & dinner available).

Saturday Classmate Social will be at the Graduate Museum October 20th 

from 2 to 4 pm (BYOB).
The dinner and dance will be Saturday evening from 7 pm to midnight at the

Holiday Inn Park Central.

Warren and Linda Briggs' husband are working on a golf tournament for

Saturday morning.

The questionnaire for the memory book is available above as well as mailed 

with the form used to send in the money.





Some of the contributors at the meetings working hard for us



Linda  the teacher explains... Just one small group.... Unposing on the stairs... Posing on the stairs... Linda (host)


Lucille (host), Warren, Dianne

Roger and Betty

Gretchen, Danny, Carolyn


Good turnout at Sanderson's

Large group

Help from Spooky & Co.

More support

Lovely ladies

Spooky and a story


Lucille, Mike planning...

Diane, Mary, Diane

Mary, Ben, Diane, Linda (host), Roger

Lucille, Mike, Carrie

Ben, Diane, the boat basin behind Linda's - quite a view