"O What A Night"

(This Page Title came from Classmate Dale Saulsberry)

This is from somewhere way back in 1962..

Comments - 2012

Dear Lucille,


It was wonderful to see you again.  Thank you so much for all that you did to make our 50 year celebration of our graduation a huge success.  What a wonderful celebration of life it was.  I do believe you and the committee thought of EVERYTHING!


I really loved your reading Gretchen's essay and the way those who served were recognized.  I will always remember that sick feeling I had when my family drove away from P.A. for good the morning after graduation ... what a great feeling it is to know I can go back home again, even if for just a little while.


Thank you for keeping the memories alive on the website.  Please accept my contribution to help keep it going.


Thank you for the gift you have given our class.  You are the best.






Lucille and Linda,


I can't thank you two enough, as well as all the committee members, for just a great time at our 50th.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself the entire weekend.  Thought the programs on both nights were well thought out, and it was especially nice to see GW, Ronnie, and Marty recognized.


Thanks for including me in the football portion of the program.  I enjoyed doing it.


Always look forward to our next get together.


Mike Landry



What a great weekend!!  I can't thank you and the rest of the reunion committee enough



The memories are priceless.



Mary Lou Wagner Quebedeaux


We had such a good time at the Reunion and enjoyed visiting with so many.  You did a great job and were so organized and kept everything flowing smoothly.


The tribute to those in the service, the Hussars playing and your reading of the piece written by Gretchen all made the evening more special.


Hanna Hampton Drago



We had a great time and it was so good to see how many of us are left standing - by the grace of God!



Carol Yancey - Wilson's wife



Lucille & Gang..


Just a note of Special Thanks for doing such a great job on our Class Reunion.

Great Job - Lots of Kudos !


Rose Villarreal Rumsey - Chris Delgadillo Prosperie



Still reeling from the greatest Reunion ever!


Ordered my video today --- hope it's a good one.



Hugs,  Karen O'Brien Hunt




It was a great Reunion.  Linda and I had a wonderful time.  It was good to see everyone. 


Thanks to the Reunion Committee for working so hard to make it the best!


Greg Reyna




What a great job you and the others did!!!! Everyone I talked with indicated that they had a wonderful time.  The program was solid and the events were great.  I was talking with Jesse DeLee, MD(Orthopaedic surgeon - graduate of TJ around 1965) comparing our reunions with his class reunions and they were nothing compared to the program you guys put together.  Dr. DeLee was on the old TJ Hall of Fame, don't know if he is still on it with the new high school.
Excuse my diversions - getting old I guess..... 
Thanks for all your hard work, hopefully you can  relax some now.  I look forward to learning what the future holds for additional reunions.  Thanks again, you done good!
Ron (Ron Mosier)





Congratulations to you and all who helped make #50 a gangbuster success. 


Thanks again, RG (Roland Gooch)




I suspect you ladies are getting or will get a lot of emails telling you how much you are appreciate, but I want to add one from Dan and me.  The reunion was unbelievably perfect.  I have worked on several big events, so I well know how much work goes into these things.  You two are to be commended! 

We had a great time and want our names to be added to the list for the next event at Raging Cajun.  We also want to contribute to the website.  What address do I mail a check to? (note from Lucille, mail check to TJ Class of ’62, 4509 Forest Drive, Port Arthur, TX  77642, please make it payable to Lucille Armintor (as I will manage this account…THANKS!)

The TJ Class of '62 will be remembered forever because you!

Dan and Lynn  (Dan Johnston)


Our 50th reunion was wonderfully perfect!  Thank you for dedicating your 'life' to that
purpose.  I wish I could express in less than chapters in a book how much I loved every moment.
Job well done!
  (Liz Moore)




Dear Reunion Committee,


What a wonderful time for everyone!


Thank you for making our reunions, then and now, such a priority in your lives so each of us could reap the bounty of your efforts.


Being in the company of people that share a common heritage is worth so much, the older we get.

Words are not needed to explain who we are or what our childhood was like. We all know, and return trips for each of us means trips to old neighborhoods, drive-by's of schools, hangouts and of course, making the drag. Also, the majority of us make trips to the cemetery to pay tribute to friends and family that were our past.


My book, The Last of the Black and White Children is a compilation of short stories that reflect this shared history since we were the last generation to have all our school pictures and snap shots in black and white, the end of an era that had a railroad track separate our school from the black schools and the end of rules that were black and white, NO discussion!


This past week end, listening to everyone talk, more stories gave birth in my brain and now I have to take time to put them on paper.


So.... thanks you to all the committee but also, thank each of you that showed up for the love and kindness we shared!


dianne devoll





I haven't been able to stop thinking about the reunion, I still have the Hussars cadence tapping in my brain, and I still get chills when I hear the music on our web site! I was totally taken aback by the reunion.


The organization was evident in how it all played out and I am so thankful for all that you did to make this past weekend an outstanding success! I truly hated to leave the Holiday Inn Saturday night. 


I can hardly wait for the CD to arrive and more pictures to appear on line.


Dale Saulsberry



(Prior to the Reunion)  

Hi Lucille.  

I know you and the rest of the committee are very busy getting ready for this weekend.  I wish I could tell you that I will be there, but unfortunately that is not the case.  I have just returned from Corpus, and was there helping our daughter recoup from some surgery.  She is fine, but needless to say there are many things to catch up with here at home.  


I know that you and everyone else have worked very hard to pull this thing together.  Please thank everyone involved, and tell all of our friends "Hello" for me.  So sorry that I cannot be a part of this great occasion.  Thank you once again and please take lots of pictures.  


Your "ole" Classmate, Sherry


Sherry Welch Harrison