First on the agenda - comments.....


It was a reunion I'll never forget. Thank you everyone. I also want to thank Carolyn and Dianne for putting together such a great program.

.... another wonderful memory.



To the TJ Class of "62"
Thanks so much for a wonderful week end. Just being in your presence made me feel young and very happy. I look forward to the 50th with even more of our gang there. Keep in touch.

Dianne Devoll Hotvedt


Just wanted to thank you and the other members of the committee for a job well done. I had a good time and got to see people that I haven't seen since high school. Sorry we didn't get a chance to talk a little more but you guys were so busy the couple of times I saw you I just figured I would do it later. The time went by so fast that I missed talking with several people I wanted to see.

My first rodeo was a good one. I'll try to make the next one if the good Lord is willing. Thank God for the name tags, otherwise I would have only recognized a couple of people.

James Lewis


How can you critique perfection???? OK, one small thing...being introduced as a former FBI agent is sorta like a former Red Hussar being introduced as a former Colleen..... Truly, Y'all did a great job and I'll carry the memories of this one for a long time....

Harry Paul Logan


Hey everyone. You all did a wonderful job and I think that this will go down as the BEST EVER TJ REUNION. All of your hard work was well received and as I heard the comment that everybody had a smile on their face the whole time goes to show that you all accomplished what the goal was. 
A wonderful, fun, and memory lasting reunion.

Love to all,

Lew Smith


I have attended most reunions and this one was by far the best. Good friends, good food, great program, and a great song by Roger. Of course I should mention that all the ladies are still beautiful. 
Thanks to all who contributed to "A Great Reunion".  See you in 5 years. 
Love you all. 





What a night! It was the best reunion we have ever had and I too want to add my thanks to everyone that had a part in it. Your names are too numerous to mention and your work too insignificant for me to name each of you, but I do want to say a special mention regarding the Reality Committee. 
As you are all aware that group was the heart and soul of our effort. As was said at the dinner, “they had no assigned duties but gave numerous opinions!” just about summed it up. They failed to mention that we did no actual work. We did however eat lots of the prepared food at each of the planning meetings and tried to get in all of the photos taken at the events. 
You also failed to mention that Harry Paul and Lew actually wrote the song Roger sang and he was moving his lips to the audience as I was secretly singing it in the background. The reason we did not go to the golf tournament was because we were cooking all the food for Saturday night at the holiday inn. 
Thanks to Harry Paul’s efforts we were able to obtain some really good tranquilizers off the street to give to Dianne and Carolyn or they would have most certainly fainted from nervousness. 
All in all it was a wonderful success in spite of the Reality Committee and I offer a great big thank you for all the effort expended. Harry Paul, Lew and I know from first hand experience as we watched them work in a friendly, cooperative and productive manner. 
No doubt the best we have ever attended and as we are getting older, I for one just enjoy celebrating being alive and seeing our classmates?

Congratulations friends on a successful reunion.


Special thanks to Paul Fitzner for his continuing work and support.



Thanks to everyone who helped in any way with the reunion! What an awesome time I had with all of you. So many memories, so little time. 


I feel we are all so blessed to grow up when and where we did. 


Port Arthur holds our roots, and all of you are a part of that.


With much love - 


Sue Stokes Greenman




Thanks to the reunion workers who put in so many hours and made many phone calls to get things worked out.  Thanks to the decorators who planned and arrived early to have things ready.  Thanks to those who worked so hard on the questionnaire booklet, it was special.
Thanks to those who put on the programs that made this time so memorable.  Thanks to those who took so many pictures, much more than we ever had.  It will be weeks getting them sorted out and posted.  But it will be worth it.
 Thanks to Roger, his song, and for one special thing ... for caring for all of us so much, which I know he does.
But I have a special thank you to convey.....
Thank you CLASSMATES for participating, for coming from so far away in some instances, and for laughing and smiling so much.  That is the reward that the rest of us received, to know that old friends are still old friends.
Till we meet again....
Wayne Taylor





Hooray for a Great Class Reunion 

This was the first class reunion that I was able to work with the planning committee and I had the honor of working with the nicest, most hard working group ever. It was so nice to see all of you and our classmates that could make it. Everyone had good things to say and all enjoyed being there. 

Thanks to Roger for the nostalgic song and to Paul, Spooky and Wayne for all of the pictures they took and for the great web site. 
What great memories for later. 

Mary Bergeron Dorsey





I truly agree that this was one of the best reunions ever. 
All of us on the committee appreciate all of your thank you's. Sure makes our efforts worth while. A great big thanks to all who attended. Nothing like being back together with our friends from the past. 
Notice I did not say our OLD friends.  
Paul and Wayne - thanks so much for the great job on the websites and Paul again thanks for the registration committee. Sure lets us enjoy our reunions. 

Here's to our 50th. 

Carolyn Anawaty Akers





What a nice way to spend a weekend!! First, and foremost, my thanks to all who contributed their time and efforts in planning the event and carrying it off so well. This was my first attendance, and I must say, I was impressed. Thank you so much.

It was good to see so many I hadn't seen in the past 45 years. I really hadn't envisioned how the memories would return as I talked with my classmates. 

I wish all of you the best and hopefully we'll all make the 50th.

Charlie McDonald





I would like to thank the committee for doing a great job and pulling off the best reunion yet. 
Looking forward to the 50th where we will have more classmates attending and all that were there this time will be in attendance once again.  Good health to you all.
I can only hope someone recorded the song that was composed for the Class of 62 that my friend Roger sang for the group?  I would love to have a copy of it.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Gene Dekerlegand




To All My Classmates in the Class of '62:

The broad smiles, laughter, bear hugs, warm handshakes, pecks on the cheek, pats on the back and all of the "I'm so glad to see you, it has been too long since I've seen you" were all things I saw and overheard many times during the Reunion Weekend. It made all the work well worthwhile. Just look at the pictures Wayne is putting on the web page, you will see for yourself. 

Kudos to the great support group including all of the attendees and for bringing that TJ sprit with you. I appreciate all the kind comments and words of praise and thanks for the reunion, however, it would have been nothing had you not made the effort to come and encouraged others to come. I have heard so many people comment "it was the BEST ever." You are right. People stayed late Friday night. The golfers enjoyed their outing and rewarded a participant (how neat!). I had to turn the lights out at Sanderson's to get everyone out at 4 and then some classmates went to the Texas Roadhouse to continue the party. Saturday night we left about 11:30 and some people were still going strong. All of this speaks volumes. We were all so glad to see one another. For some it has been 45 years, others not so long.

Thanks to all of you for participating, encourage others to come and "Keeping The Memory Alive." You made OUR Reunion very memorable.

Stay in touch and keep us up to date when you move or change e-mail addresses. Remember the 50th will be in 2012. 


P. S. If you weren't there, we missed you and you missed a GREAT 45th Reunion.


Thanks to the committee for putting together a fun event.  You made it so easy for the rest of us to simply show up and party.  It was great seeing everyone, especially my Lamar carpool group!  
I think we ought to make the Reality Committee (aka Lew, Ben, and Harry Paul) plan an event to celebrate our 65th birthdays.  We could all compare our Medicare cards.

Kay Dartez


Precious Friends ~ Precious Memories

My first reunion -ever!  I had so much fun.  It was tremendous!
The best part was seeing friends that I had not seen for 45 years (ugh!) and connecting as if we had seen each other last week.  I miss you already.

Lew, thanks for making the band memories so real and special!
Thank you to everyone who worked so diligently to make this event happen.  It was so worth your effort and time.

Liz Moore Kny


My sister, Debby, and I really enjoyed the Saturday Social.  It was great seeing everyone with grandma and grandpa faces. 

Thanks to the committee for all their hard work.  Hope to see everyone in 5 years.  Stay in touch! 

Sandra Ladner Nicholson


Hats off to those who planned our 45th reunion.  It was a wonderful experience.  We all looked great, felt great, and had a great time.

I wish I could have had more one on one time with everyone who attended.  I was too busy stuffing or running my mouth.  Food was great.

I enjoyed my visit with Liz Moore after 45 years.  I wish more locals would attend.  Spooky your wife and other spouses were real troopers.  You worked hard to capture those special moments of joy, sheer joy of being able to attend.  Keep up the good work.

G.W., Thank you for the entertainment, Diane and Carolyn, I knew I was married to a sex maniac.  Roger the song was great.  Hope you feel better.

Dale Stansbury, Thank you for your advice. I'll take them to Heart !!.  Verna it was such fun !.  We should all try to meet more often or at least stay in contact.  Call and I'll catch you up on, As The Perron's Turn.

Hope to see you all really soon.

Love you all and proud to be a part of the 1962 Class of T.J.H.S.

Renell d'Augereau Perron


As the song goes," "Thanks for the Memories." 

It was great seeing each and everyone, the time went by too quickly. 

To the Reunion Committee, you did "GREAT." 

To everyone, good heath and God Bless. 

See everyone in 5 years.  

Jack Hensley


Thanks to the reunion committee for all the work in getting this great week-end party together.  Every event was super.

Thanks so much to Carolyn, Dianne and Roger for a wonderful program.  Really enjoyed Roger's song.  It was fun to reconnect with friends I hadn't seen for 45 years - and hear everyone's news.

Port Arthur and TJ will always hold a special place in my heart, no matter how far away I am.

Thanks Wayne, Paul and Spooky for all the wonderful pictures to look at and Wayne for all your work on the web site - it's great.

Thanks to those who worked on the questionnaire booklets, alot of work, but such a treasure to have.

Thanks again to all who worked on the reunion for a great job.

Sharon Wilson Cease


I thought the 40th Reunion was the best but they only get better.  My husband has never attended one of his reunions and after going to mine he is looking forward to his next.

It was so good seeing everyone.  I saw some classmates that I haven't seen since graduating.

Thanks to the committee, again you did an awesome job.  Looking forward to the 50th.

Thanks again for a great reunion.

Love to all,
Elizabeth Adams Sessions


Just another "Thanks" for a job well done.  I thought the events were great and lots of fun.  You and the other committee members did a great job!
Ron Mosier


Well, I guess I missed a real blast!  But duty called I had to work and support the launch of the STS-120 Space Shuttle Discovery.  I think I'll retire after the next two Shuttle launches after 43 years of federal government service at the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX. 

Hope to see ya'll at the next T.J. reunion.

Charlotte Maltese-Ober
T.J. Class of 1962


Becky and I had a great time seeing and visiting with classmates. We send thanks and congratulations to the committee for an excellent gathering.

We hope to be there for the 50th.

Jim Alleman and Becky Wells Alleman