Old Stuff Found Here And There


I have many of these yet to be posted, most are of old Port Arthur.  Will get to them

One Day.


Pleasure Island Rides

An interesting photo of Pleasure Island back when.  I could have been in there because my parents took me to the rides many times.


Sears on Woodworth

A real photo that I bought couple years ago.  It's Sears on Woodworth in the construction stage.  Spent many a day there in the toy section, going up the escalator stairs.

Proctor Street from Houston Ave.

Another real photo I just recently bought.  I studied it with magnifying glass but I just can't get an idea of about when it was made.  Had to be no later than the 40's with all the buildings there.


Bought these old PA photos online....  would you believe

they came from Australia


Texaco Oil Station

Bookies Service Station at 2500 Proctor St

Sometime in the 1940s

Gulf Service Station

 7th Street and Savannah Ave

Circa 1940's

(I can remember this place in the 50's)

Texas Oil Company

Main Gate - 19th St


(Crossed that gate hundreds of times)


Found this going through old TJ Football news clippings.  Happened to see this on another page, from 12-3-66.  Open it up and look at the ad on bottom right.

Here's what Roger had to say when I asked him about it....

Johnny Courville (Preston) was a pleasure to work for because he was a true artist.  Nice memories.

Johnny opened what was formerly the "It'll Do" lounge which was roughly across the highway from the Pipefitters local  It was a nice place, especially after Johnny had some remodeling done. 

The other musicians were my brother Ruben on drums and Paul Protas on bass. We played six nights a week but things were slow in the early part of the week.  We more than made up for it on the week-end and Saturdays were packed.  Even then, Johnny had a big following, especially around the Bishop Byrne crowd.
I'm not sure what happened but Johnny had a problem with the lease and we left the place about Jan. '67.  It was just as well since I went to Army basic training in Feb. and my brother Ruben left for the Navy about the same time.  It was many years ago and yet not so long ago.



Going through my attic looking for a certain picture, I came across a box that apparently I had not been into since high school.  Leaving for Basic Training right after graduation, I just tossed things into this box and left it.


Amazingly it was intact after several moves.


Inside I found some touching items, some I can scan and show here.  Other items are the actual PA News with all the pictures of graduates dated June 10, 1962.  It's very brittle though.


There are dozens and dozens of notes passed in school from guys and gals,

detailing the pains and joys of teenagers growing up with the problems of

little money and searching for things to amuse them.  The girls' problems

always involve wanting a particular boy and to be loved.  It is a glimpse 

into teenage life in the late 50's and early 60's.


One day I may write a book.





Don't think I made this party.

Printed at our old printshop.

Have all 10 pages in good condition, but legal size


Real  Student Directory

This is touching

A long deserving thanks

Some great names


Not sure where I got this but it's interesting, and brittle.  Will probably laminate it.


From Jack who?

Surely everyone got one of these