Friday Night at Esthers

October 19, 2007

Page Two

Wayne H, Gale H

Carolyn C and Donald C

Mike L, Wayne W (Rabbit), Harry Paul (FBI)

GW, Isabel


Donna, James L

Ray O, Phillip P

Mike E, Laverne E

Janet C, Bobbie Z, Jim Q (not Santa Claus)


Gretchen, Roland, Gary, Diana

Becky, Mike, Charlie

Lew, Anita ("I'm the Prof and I say do your homework")

GW, Michele, Dianne


Carol, Trudy (Surprise!!!)

Diane, Spook, BJ, Jerry, Liz

Hanna, Sam

Lew, Lucille


GW, Mary, Tommy

Anita, Dianne

Diane, Melvin, Dale, Liz

Liz, Jack, Lucille, Sue


Greetings exchanged even before signing in...

Class of 61- signing in behind great decorations