Friday Night at Esthers

October 19, 2007

Page Three

Spook, BJ - the master photographer himself

Harry Paul, Ben - great photo

Harold, Ben, Lucille, Lew, James - another great photo, bridge in background

Joel, Tommy - it was getting dark


HP, Roger, Ben - very little editing needed with this great photo

Ralph, Diane, Mary, Tommy - these girls always take a good picture

Diane, Melvin, Dale, Liz - hate when that happens, Liz

Diane, Carrie, Lucille, Ben, Lew, Charlie

Just a great pic by Spook


The Warren Henrys

The Ron Mosiers

The Quebedeauxs

Gene, Charlie


Flannerys, Allemans

Donna, Jim(63), Anita

Phillip, Warren, Gene, Reynas

Phillip, Warren, Gene, Roger


John T, Jim, Paul, Jack

Charlie W(63), Harold, Charlie, Mike, Joel

John G, Mike

Gillards, Jim Ed, Ray, Becky