Group Pictures

You should be able to click on these and get a good print


Top Row: Spook Laird, Jim Ed Alleman, Tommy Martin, Lew Smith, Jim Cassel, Gary Miertschin

Middle Row: Carolyn Anawaty Akers, Mary Bergeron Dorsey, Karen O'Brien Hunt, Linda Tatum Briggs, Lucille Miller Armintor, Ethel Wehmeyer Sullivan, Chloe Moerbe Clark

Bottom Row: Wayne Willson, Donna Berg McClelland, Ginger Cloar Hamilton, Becky Wells Alleman, Bonnie Scott Owens, Aundria Woods Bridges, Dianne Devoll Hotvedt

Top Row: Harold Schroeder, Charles Trenholm, Paul McKinley, John Taylor, Gretchen Verboon Miertschin, Billie Cody Barnett, Sandy Erwin

Middle Row: Wayne Taylor, Don Landry, Carol Overman Hudman, Peggy Aucoin Gallier, Archie Barron, Dale Saulsberry, Mike Eaves

Bottom Row: David Earle, Gracey Potter Weisbrod, Bob Gratz, Betty Craig Elliott, Diane Duncan Barron, Mike Landry, Gregory Reyna

Top Row: Patsy Smith Simmons, Donald Cain, Alice Chamber Tate, John Birkman, Buddy Jordan, John Green, Geraldine Bailey Durham, Warren Henry, Roland Gooch

Middle Row: Tommy Hunter, Dan Johnston, Mary Lou Wagner Quebedeaux, Carrie Hebert, Rachel Gloria Hawkins, Deanna LaFleur Glidden, Larry Quinn

Bottom Row: Anita Nugent, Cheryl Chatagnier Harper, Elaine Pansano Griner, Susan Holtman Phillips, Janet Craig Quebedeaux, Trudy Wood Dunn, Margaret Litchfield Hildebrand, Carol Johnson Cresswell



Top Row: Jerry Serville, Brenda Emerson Jones, Liz Moore Kny, Sandra Ladner Nicholson, Ronnie Thompson, Joel Boone, Ed Hansen

Middle Row: Pat Solis, Martha Smith Gideon, Verna McMillian Johnston, Renell d'Augereau Perron, Rose Villereal Rumsey, Isabel Delgadillo Prosperie, Penny Whitman Czaja

Bottom Row: Linda Lee Miller, Jackie Hale Faulk, Sharon Sibley Bissell, Marlene McGee Robinson, Charlie Brabham, Jack Hensley

Top Row: Neil Saunders, Mary Ell Glass Ruffner, Kay Dartez Orrill, Gene Dekerlegand, Sue Stokes Greenman, Loron Truett, Ray Orrill. 

Back Row: Jim Lee


A Saturday Photo of Classmates who did not attend Friday or not in a

Friday Group Photo


Back Row: Gary Miller, Jay Sims, Bob Raybuck, Johnny Crochet, Rob Savoie, Bob Jackson, Roger Cantu, Phillip Pampolina

Front Row: Gail Pratt Thorne, Harry Paul Logan, Linda Quinn Chapa, Marty Fleckman, Linda Axtell Coltharp, Hanna Hampton Drago, Joan Leavell Lisman, Wilson Yancy, Martin Hefley

Due to a malfunction in Spook's camera, he lost some photos.  He was able to save the left photo from two of Paul's photos.  I took this photo as a "just in case" photo, not intended to be used here.  It shows some classmates but not others.