Jive @ 65 Lew's Pics


Ashton, Jack

Ashton discusses with Lucille

Becky, Bob,Lucille

Bob, Richard, Hanna, Sam

Bob, Gracey, Sam, Hanna



Bob Morgan, Jack, Don, Rich

Bob (61) and the cook

Cheryl, Mary

The Dorseys

The Dragos

Sam, Hanna


Kitchen chatter

Gary, Danny (59)

Gracey, Mary

Gracey, Becky, Lucille, Danny

Gracey, Carolyn, Danny, Gretchen



Hanna, Bob The Heckers Jack, Lucille, Gretchen Linda, Gracey Lucille, Bob, Donna Lucille, Hanna


Mary, Linda, Danny, Renell, Verna

On the dock of the bay...

Renell, Verna, Don eat hearty

Renell, Cheryl, Verna reminisce

Question -  "Where does TJHS 62 rate?"