Jive @ 65

Emails and Comments

The emails and comments made after the Jive @ 65 Party were great.  I think they need to be preserved and shared for all to see.


They were kinda thrown up and sent around and that is how we put them up here.  If there are any we missed please let us know.  


If anyone hasn't commented, please feel free to do so.  We welcome them all and want to hear from you.





We had a great time!

Thanks to you all.



Richard and Linda,


Thanks so much for opening your lovely home for our "Jive @ 65'.  It was such a fun time and just right for visiting.  The food worked out just right.  Warren, thanks for being the head chef.


I would certainly like to offer my home here in Crystal Beach for the next one.  Maybe by then we might have some sleeping accommodations for those wanting to spend the night. 


Again, thanks for everything.



Mary Dorsey <twobootsmd@yahoo.com> wrote:
Hello to All,

We really enjoyed visiting with everyone.   Glad to see some faces that I haven't seen in a while.   Linda and Richard, thanks so much  for welcoming all of us into your home.  Warren, thanks for all of the BBQ.  All of the food was outstanding.  It just couldn't get any better. 


Tommy and I are looking forward to the next one.  I sure hope those that couldn't make it can be at the next one.

Thanks again,


I totally agree with the sentiments expressed by Mary and Carolyn. Linda and Richard were graceful hosts, Warren brought great red meat fixings, and there was so many other goodies to sample. The day was just beautiful and the company of all was memorable.

Carolyn, thanks for offering your abode for our next get together and I do hope more of our class mates can make it to the event.

All those that had cameras and took pictures, please send me the "good" ones so that they can be posted on Facebook for all to enjoy.

Don Landry


What can I say, everything was great!!!!!!  So sorry a lot of you could not attend, a fine time was had by all.  Gracie Potter and Bob Jackson have not changed a bit.  The band at the Pompano Club played the music we grew up dancing to.  All of the food was great.

Thanks to all,



All I can do is echo what everyone has already said. Thanks to the Briggs for the use of their fantastic home, thank to Warren for some really good BBQ and thanks to everyone for all of the added goodies. I look forward to seeing everyone again in the future. This should become a yearly event just as the Rajun Cajun is.


Again it was so great to see everybody.




Hi Everyone,

I'd like to say Thank You to all who attended this wonderful event. A special thanks to our gracious hosts Linda and Richard Briggs,the event planners ,and to Warren who provided the excellent BBQ. The food was so filling that I couldn't eat a bite at the Pompano but loved the music and company.

Some classmates like Gracey,Bobby Jackson,and many others looked like they walked out of a time capsule ,Gracey ,how  ' bout that filly that won the  Preakness  . We shared so many fond memories . Looking forward to another great

experience. Verna thanks for driving me to both events. We always have fun.


Lets all keep in touch.


Love yall,

Renell d'Augereau Perron



P.S. Mary Dorsey:  MUDD helped me with this  e-mail , and He says Hello !! LOL


I am really feeling sad that I am still sick today and had to cancel plans for the wonderful luncheon at Linda's.  I did have a great surprise Friday night.  GW Bailey had a break in his filming schedule, so he came to Phoenix for a cabel tv event.  I thought I was going to die laughing at him...everytime I would start laughing, then the coughing kicked in.  He has been a crazy wonderful part of my family's lives for years...he just pops in.  He hugged me when I told him I couldn't be with ya'll because I wasn't breathing so well.  He assured me that the wine we drank would help me feel better...it did.
Do ya'll realize how blessed we are with our high school friendships???  Don't ya'll feel we could call any of us and we would be there to help each other out????
Oh, well...let's have another luncheon soon....


Mary Ell Ruffner

Who's Who International - Phoenix/Scottsdale

602-997-4911 (direct)
602-513-1692 (cell)
God Bless America and our Soldiers


Dianne and I enjoyed seeing everyone. 

Looking forward to next gathering.



Great group to be with! Tell me when we will do it again. Best regards to everyone for a FUN event!

Bob Jackson


Totally enjoyed talking and catching up with so many nice people.  I have to admit, we are all a great looking group.  Ready for Jive @ 66 next year.  Cheryl Chatagnier Carson


Nothing going on in La. except hot weather and rain.
It was nice seeing everyone at Jive at 65.

The Party was short, too short, but sweet and enjoyable.  Great to see so many smiling faces that, believe it or not, bring us back to a time not so long ago.  We share a common bond that continues on.

For instance, Don Landry and I had a great chat.  Never having even met ever before, it's like we were 47 year old "friends".  We talked about "old" Port Arthur.  I'm not the originator of this theme, I believe I read it somewhere on another webpage, but here is what we talked about.

Port Arthur of the 50's, plus the 40's and 60's too, was a great place to grow up and live in.  The high school was the best, just a fantastic school system.  It was a great place to be a kid, a teenager, and to graduate from.  But, times change, people change, and cities and schools change.  It's inevitable.  This is not the same Port Arthur, and I know Roger Cantu has pined over this before.

All we can do is cling to what we had, what we have, and continue on with our dreams.

Wayne Taylor