Jive @ 65 Photos

Saturday Afternoon at Linda's

Linda's sign led the way

Even at the house

Lucille, Becky and Lew

Gracey join in

Gary and Jack stock up

Carolyn had the name tags


It's been awhile for the guys too

Mary had the guys laughing

Jack's T-Shirt

Don made it too

Carolyn helps the Bergs

Most of the gang


Hanna and Cheryl with checkbook

They didn't need the glasses, really

Just like old times

Mary and Linda break up

Sherry (61) and Dianne

All the food was great


Bob had many stories to tell

Ashton fills in Lew, Jack

Warren gives cooking tips to Jim Ed, Bob, and Sam

David, Danny (59), Tommy


Great group pic

Even better pic

Additional group pics from Linda

Left these two uncropped and unedited