Lucille's Jive @ 65 Page

May 16, 2009

Just want all of you to know how wonderful it was to see and visit with all
of you.  

First of all, we did actually have a committee who put this together and we
discussed many different times to have it.  There is no 'ideal' time that
all of us can get together as there are always conflicts, that is
inevitable.  We made the best choice we could.  Many thanks to all of you
who helped with that and there were many.  Harry Paul Logan came up with the
catchy name for the celebration of Jive@65 that brings back memories that
only we old folks remember from Channel 4 afternoon dancing days.  

Of course, I appreciate Linda & Richard for graciously opening their
beautiful, comfortable home to us and kudos to Warren & Danny for the
delicious meats and everyone for bringing delectable appetizers.  Warren and
Danny also arranged such a lovely evening for us at the Pompano Club.  It
had been a long time since I had been there and we went back in time with
the music.  How delightful!!!  If you weren't there, you really missed a
great, relaxing time.   We shut down the place!  

Most of all, I want to thank all of you who came so far to be with all of us
in this our 65th year of life.  Life is good and was wonderful to celebrate
it with old, golden friends!!!!  Those that traveled long distances put
forth more effort to be together than any of us did.  It just wouldn't have
been the wonderful event that it was without your efforts.
****The winner for traveling the longest distance is Bobby Jackson (better
known now as Bob, except by us) who traveled 1,599.6 miles from Reno,
***Next was Gracey Potter Weisbrod who traveled 877.6 miles from Dayton,
Ohio (but we might have to thrown in another 100 miles as she came via
Houston,Ohio is east of all of us).***  
**Next, Jackie Hensley (better known now as Jack, except by us)  who
traveled 446.3 miles from Sand Springs, Oklahoma.**  
*Don Landry came from Georgetown at 223.8 miles* and Donna Berg McClelland
came from Berwick, LA which the mileage calculator on my computer doesn't
The majority of y'all came from Houston  and the smallest number from this
area and there are plenty of us still here!  How sad!!!  Many thanks for
coming.   It wouldn't have been such a joyful celebration without you.  As
you know, those who weren't here missed a great time.  

FYI - If you left Linda & Richard's early, you missed the wagering that took
place for the Preakness.  Was fun!!!  

Thanks to Carolyn for offering us her lovely home at Crystal Beach for a
celebration of being 66 next year.  She and Danny have a great venue to
party so I think it is unanimous that we will 'do it again' at 66.  We will
decide on a date soon and if you have a suggestion, please let us know and
we will try to figure out the best date for most people.  I do hope we will
make this an annual event as it was such fun.  
Stayed tuned, friends, there are more good times for the Class of '62!!!  
Tell everyone to check out our website and our postings on Facebook.  
Wayne & Don are doing a great job of keeping us informed on these two 
websites.  Thanks, guys!

ALSO,  please let me know if you or anyone changes their e-mail address,
physical address or has any other changes that we should be informed of.  

Lucille Miller Armintor


Becky, Lew doing what he does best, smile

Lew had Gracey laughing and checking her pulse

One Great picture

Old memories were everywhere

Warren was nice enough to test the food for us