Scraps of Memories


Ok, I found this online some years back, had to pay about $15 for it,

in amazing good condition for a 1952 magazine.

It's a scathing expose of early Port Arthur ... just think what was 

going on in town when we were 7, 8, 9, 10 yrs old.



What stood out is the title at the top right ...



The "teaser" page, first box tells what is coming.



This is it ..... we were here back then.



Yes, this is hard to believe, and that everyone knew about it.


So much illegal stuff going on .... right here in our town.


Guess some of us guys were born too late to get in on the "fun".




I recently found this online.  It's pretty neat, 1940, I had

hoped to see my relatives but apparently none are there.

Maybe some of yours are there.


Commencement ... Front Cover Inside Cover .... Schedule of Events Class Listing ....  Quite a few Back Cover.... Special Recognition




How neat are these - saved in a folder by Buddy Jordan

The Senior Calendar 

The rest of it 


Wow!  Friday May 11, 1962

Continuation of Part 1

May 27, 1962 - 8 O'Clock P.M.

How time flies.

The Program - Anyone remember?


May 31, 1962

It was our last full get together

The entire  program

Great leaders for a Great Class

This is everyone



How rare is this?


This news clipping belongs to Trudy Wood