Great Oldies


These came from Lucille Armintor and she says:

"Trudy Wood Dunn sent me these pictures a few days ago that Carol Johnson Cressswell’s mother saved.  Thanks, Carol and Trudy.  These were the Cav-OIL-Cade Princesses in the fall of ’61 (our Senior year).  

You may recognize that the pictures were taken at Rose Hill Manor.  

The Cav-OIL-Cade Queen was Leni Anderson, 1st runner-up was Gretchen Verboon, 

2nd runner-up was Virginia Bihm (Bishop Byrne) and 3rd runner-up was Elizabeth Moore (noted on pictures). 

These are newspapers clippings (AND old) so the quality isn’t pristine.  Enjoy!"


Also note, I did a lot of work on these to correct some of the deficiencies, 

creases, and bad lines.  Enlarged them as much as I could.  It's the best I could do under the circumstances.  Needless to say they are priceless.




This is a great photo sent in by Mickey Tahaney.  He says ......

"It is a part of our history.  It was in January of 1960 I think.  My home at that time was on Proctor and Fifth Avenue.  A big red house.  

Maybe some will remember what a '56 T-Bird looked like!"

Actually I remember that snow very well.  I think it was in early February.  I lived about 5-6 blocks away.  Charlie Brabham was close too.  This is a very neat photo, brings back memories.


A Few Great Old Snapshots sent in by Dan Johnston

(Click on photos for larger view.  Edited big for better viewing)


A train trip... Tommy Stansbury, Floyd Gladden, Tommy Dorsey,Tommy Martin, Gracey  Potter, Dot Peyton,  Rob Savoie, Pat Orr, Mrs. Wheeler, Sandy Goff, Buddy Gregg, Gary Vickers, Gary Green, Floyd Bossier, Lana DeRouen  Carolyn Hebert, Charles McCall, Bob Salter, Dan Johnston....I think the lady in the shades is Tommy Martin's mom, think the tall girl on left with cap may be Faye___, and Cherry may be the girl on far right mostly off camera.

A back yard get together ...known are ... Rob Savoie, Gracey Potter,  Cherry Jane Williamson, Dan Johnston, Carol Scott, Sandy Goff, Bob Salter

Back row .. Rob Savoie, Tommy Stansbury, Dan Johnston .. 

Front row Bob Salter, Jimmy Kilgore, Bob Potter


1959, the night GW and I were awarded our Eagle Badge in Scouting. Know you can pick out me and GW.... the young man to the right of me is Harold Leavell.  That's right, Joan Leavell's younger brother...he was a quick study I guess compared to GW and me.

At Bayou Din Country Club.....

First row: Loren Truett, Don Landry, Jimmy Hutchins, Benny Beauchamp, Jimmy Lee, Jim Ed Alleman, Warren Henry

2nd row: Gene Byrd, Steve Murray, Martin Hefley, Dan Johnston, Buddy Jordan, Bob Clouse , Lamar Hankins.


Psi Lambda Tri-H-Y

This was taken our Senior Year.

The bottom row is Seniors except for Miss Robyn (the jr. hi journalism
teacher). I think the top row consists of Juniors and Sophomores .

Bottom row - left to right:  Mary Ell Glass, Judy Lewis, Lucille Miller, Ann
Miller, Sharon Sibley, Miss Robyn, Sandra Goff, Dot Peyton, Gracey Potter,
Joan Leavell
Top row - left to right:  Toby Cone,  ??, Judy Chelette, Carol Skaff,
Marilyn McGuff, Gwen Henry,  ???, Carole Peyton, ??, ??.





By Dennis Hollander (61)


This picture was taken (I think) in the Fall of 1963 or early part of 1964 after Lamar’s Epsilon Chi chapter of Sigma Chi had gotten word that Brother John Wayne was going to be there giving a speech for some guy running for political office so we all decided to go down there in hopes of at least seeing him. Well, needless to say, we did a lot more than just see him. 


When Brother Wayne found out that the entire local chapter of Sigma Chi was in the back of the room he cut his speech short and walked back to us and took us into a separate room where we could not be bothered by all the crowds and reporters. 


He joked, laughed and talked with all of us for a god hour or so. It was an experience that none of us who were there that day will ever forget. John Wayne was one of the nicest and most personable men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He truly loved Sigma Chi and felt a sincere bond with all his Brothers across the country. He talked to us about his days as an active at USC (Class of 1929) his football days in college / his early years in show business / some of the experiences he had while making movies over the years and how he got his first "big break" in movies with the 1939 movie - - Stagecoach. 


He was also sincerely interested in how our Chapter at Lamar was doing and what we had been doing to uphold the high standards of Sigma Chi. He was a great Sig, a great actor and a great American Patriot. I am so glad that I somehow managed to save the attached picture for so many years.


(Identified is Bob Jackson in the center, Dennis Hollander to the right.)


Spooky says this is Pancho, Wally, Spooky and ?.  There were 

no more deer left alive that day.



Don't recall who gave me this, it's been awhile, found it in my computer. 

This is about as clear as I can get it.....


Attached are photos taken Saturday, November 5, 2006 at Carolyn Anawaty-Akers new home in Sugar Land.


This was given to someone by Carrie Hebert and Diane Norvel at Larry's 10-14-06.  

It was taken at New Years Party 1962.  They are:

Top, left to right - Ann Miller, Linda Axtell, Sue Barnes, Liz Moore, Barbara Criswell, Carol Scott, Diane Hightower

Bottom - Rene Deaugeaux, Diane Norvell, Becky Wells, Sue Stokes, Pam Moyer, Kay Dartez, Patsy Smith, Sherry Welch



NY Eve HS Costume Party pic sent in by Buddy Greig.  They are:

Buddy Greig, Pam Moyer, Sue Stokes, and Terry Segura (BB)




Another picture from Spooky's huge collection



This photo was sent in by Spooky Laird from his collection


Another great Pic sent in by Sandy Smith - Steele.  If you haven't guessed
by now these "young" gals are:  Jolene Eaves and Gail Eck.



Sandy says this is:  (back) Linda Reeves Gothia, Gail Eck Petteway,
Betty Irwin, ?, and Deanie Elam.  (front) Sandy Wiggins ('63), ?, Sally,
and Gloria Dejean ('63).