Bob Salter to the Class of 1962

He Missed the Reunion but sent this very good Slide Show



Message from


 Bob Salter

Sorry I will not make it to the 50th. Also sorry I don’t have video.

As to what I have been doing this past 50 years. After I graduated from UH I basically had two jobs. I spent 20 years in the airline business and 20 years starting a small software company. The last 15 years with that company I traveled extensively overseas.

We have two children and one grandchild. For the past 15 years we have spent about 6 months of that in Colorado as you can see from these photos. I retired in 2005 and we moved to the “Texas Hill Country” outside of San Antonio. It’s the place in Texas God kissed. The photo of the swing is in our back yard.

My small memory of TJ was I had the only all girl carpool and boy can those girls talk.

Please wish everyone the best for me.




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