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Roadtrip - '62 Newsletter #91

This week, Roadtrip-'62 TM takes a look at US-65.  This highway currently runs 969 miles from Albert Lea, Minnesota to Clayton, Louisiana.  Back in 1962 it began farther north, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and was also slightly longer on the south end, terminating in Natchez, Mississippi.  The north end was shortened in 1980 for the usual reason that an interstate freeway, I-35, replaced it.  The south end was changed in 2005 primarily to eliminate some confusing dual numbering.  We crossed US-65 on our US-6 roadtrip, in Des Moines, Iowa.  During 1962, US-65 went through downtown Des Moines, whereas today it bypasses town on a freeway that didn’t exist back then.

I’m taking a look today at Branson, Missouri, a major tourist town along US-65.  Branson, located in the Ozark Mountains, is best known today as "the live music show capital of the world".  But it began its tourist life in 1894 when William Henry Lynch bought Marble Cave, renamed it Marvel Cave, and began charging visitors to tour it.  Hugo and Mary Herschend leased the cave in 1950 and began hosting square dances in it.  The Herschend Family modernized the cave with electricity and concrete staircases, and opened Silver Dollar City in 1960, just in time for us to see it in our favorite year.  Silver Dollar City began as a re-creation of a frontier town that featured just five shops, a church, and a log cabin, with actors that staged the feud between the Hatfields and the McCoys.  Also in 1960, the Old Mill Theater began its first outdoor production based on the novel “The Shepherd of the Hills”.  Between these two attractions, the current Branson experience was on its way.  

Why was 1960 such a good time to begin large-scale tourism in Branson? Well, the 1959 completion of Table Rock Dam on the White River, which created Table Rock Lake, probably had something to do with it.  The new lake attracted boaters, beach lovers, and had great fishing because of the cold, spring-fed water.  Later that year the Baldknobbers Jamboree opened the first live music show in Branson.  The area got a big boost in 1962, when “The Beverly Hillbillies” premiered on television and became the number one show.  The premise of the show involved a local Ozarks family striking it rich with oil and moving out to Beverly Hills, California.

I last visited Silver Dollar City in 1982.  It was not yet a full-fledged theme park with all the rides and the waterpark we see today.  There were only 6 actual rides mixed in with a lot of mountain-themed arts and crafts, traditional carnival and arcade games, music and comedy shows, and of course, gift shops and food.  Some things do not change much though: Marvel Cave, the attraction that started it all is still open at the park and the park is still owned by Herschend Family Entertainment.  

Today you can still sometimes see a musical act from the 1962 era performing in Branson, such as Frankie Avalon, who appeared with Annette Funicello in the popular Beach Party surfer film series that began production in that year.  Or, you might see some great 1962 automobiles at either the Branson Auto & Farm Museum or the Branson Auction.  A recent auction included a beautiful 1962 Oldsmobile Starfire Coupe complete with owners operating manual!  Or stop in to see one of the newest attractions in town: the dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in 1962 when she sang her famous rendition of 'Happy Birthday' to President John F. Kennedy in Madison Square Gardens.  The dress is now on display at Ripley's Believe it or Not, following their purchase at auction for nearly $5 million dollars.

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From the PA News 11/13/08 - "Community Scoop" 


Class of  1938 had fun

Dorothy Chevis Henry shared a report of the “70th and final” class reunion of the Thomas Jefferson High School Class of 1938 at the Pompano Club.

“On that special day, nine of the original 296 classmates met for a reunion luncheon.  With heads held high, smiling faces, outstretched hands and many hugs and kisses, each graduate was presented with a beautiful name badge, made by fellow classmate Wallace Verrett,” Henry said.

“Everyone had stories to tell.  There was much laughter and some tears too, when they recalled the 23 T.J. graduates who never returned from World War II.  As the reunion was coming to a close, J.E. Harrell and Margaret Parrish Elison, committee members, led the group in singing the school song, ‘The Old Maroon and Gold.’  Some remembered the class motto, ‘Not finished, Just Begun,’” Henry said.