Reunion 2012 - 50 Years

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Friday Night - A Blast

Sandy and Linda K. Erwin

Bob and Cindy Gratz

Billy Cody and  Rocky Barnett Charles and Sharon Trenholm

Patsy Smith Simmons, Rachel Gloria Hawkins


Archie Barron, Ronnie Thompson, Mike Eaves, Joel Boone  Jack Hensley, Gail Pratt Thorne, David Earle

Jerry Kidd, Joel Boone, Mike Eaves

 Karen O'Brien Hunt, Ronnie Thompson, Kay Dartez Orrill  Martha Smith Gideon, John Bissell, Sharon Sibley Bissell, Becky Gillman Landry


Rose Villarreal Rumsey

Jerry Kidd, Sandra Hebert Kidd, Neil Saunders, Jack Hensley, "reporter" from Raines Video Lucille, Dale Saulsberry, Spook, Linda Tatum Briggs Mary Ell Glass Ruffner, Spook (just shirt showing), Gregory Reyna, Sharon Sibley Bissell

 Mike Landry, Ronnie Thompson


Yellow Jacket Football Team - Mike, Ronnie, Donald Cain, Jerry, Tommy Martin Mary Bergeron Dorsey, Jim Cassel, Dianne Devoll Hotvedt

Mary, Jim, Dianne

Members of Maron Gold Band - Bob Gratz, Anita Nugent, Liz Moore Kny, Lew, Sue, Becky  Member of Red Hussars - Mary Ell, Rachel, Gracey, Karen, Mary, Alice Chambers Tate, Gail, Ethel Wehmeyer Sullivan, Sharon


Red Hussars - Patsy Smith Simmons, Sharon, Carol Johnson Cresswell, Trudy Wood Dunn Back - Trudy, Mary Ell, Linda - Warren and Dannie Kirwin Henry

Bonnie Scott Owens, Sharon Parsons

Kay Dartez Orrill, Linda and Greg Reyna

Ethel Wehmeyer Sullivan, Chloe Moerbe Clark


Becky Gillman Landry, Donald Cain  Carolyn Cain, Mary Leleux Crochet  Mary Leleux Crochet, Johnny Crochet

John and Marilyn Green


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