A Special Reunion 55 Page Dedicated to

Our Great Classmate and Friend

GW Bailey 

(If you want a special comment under a photo, tell me.)


GW arrives tired and soon gets corralled by those youngsters behind him.

GW and Elizabeth Adams talk over old times 55 years ago.

As usual GW is gracious to everyone who wants to get in the picture.

GW remembers everyone from 1962.

Elaine tells GW how good the fishing is at her place.



That's Carolyn A. getting an official GW "hug". Carolyn and Carol getting the info on how it is in Hollywood. Carol and GW reminiscing Another great group photo, GW has to put his glasses on for. 55 years is not so long ago to remember friends, GW and Spookie.


This was Abram Ogea's first rodeo, rather, first reunion. And Abram was having a ball. Bet he never envisioned this photo. Carrie seemed to be auditioning for a part in "Major Crimes". Even Leroy (61) got in a shot. Even Janet, or is it Betty, got GW to laughing.


Now we know this is Janet. Harold gets in with GW too. Alice and Leroy have fun with GW too. The other picture was so good, took it again. Selfies are so much fun.


Buddy gets GW to smiling. Jack in the picture with Steve in the back, Spookie and BJ. GW brings out a great smile on Betty. Bookends with Janet and Betty. An even better picture.  Suitable for framing.


Well, at least this is a good shot of GW talking to friends. Abram and Karen says, "These Reunions are fun.  You never know who you will run into." When was the last time they were hugged by a true celebrity? Carolyn A. with a great photo. Greg had a fine chat with GW.


GW shocked everyone by showing up for lunch at Sartins. I just had to ask GW if the Captain had hit him on the arm. Gary introduced Lola to GW. GW was everywhere. GW is a very funny guy.  Cracks everyone up.


Carol has GW in deep thought. Mary and Tommy give GW tips on getting his next Oscar. Greg and LInda Reyna are entertained by GW. The Class 61 gals manned the sign-in desk.  Sue hams it up. Looks like Linda and Carolyn are putting GW to sleep early.


A nice photo of Mary and Johnny C. sent in. Hanna has pictures on her I-phone. Hanna and Spookie with GW.


The day after the Reunion - GW with some local friends. The PA News gets it wrong every time. A great pose of GW - not sure who took it.

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