Reunion 2012

Photos by Hanna and Sam Drago - Page 1

Even though they were only there Saturday, they took a lot of photos.

They are of high quality, great to work with .  




Jim Lee, Carrie Hebert

 Brenda Emerson Jones, Jay Sims, Dan Johnston, Cheryl Chatagnier Harper, Sam Drago

 Greg Reyna, Mary Crochet, Johnny Crochet

 Rachel Gloria Hawkins (trumpet), Sally White Graham (bass drum), & Hussar Alumni

 Gracey Potter Weisbrod (baton), Mary Bergeron Dorsey, Chloe Moerbe Clark, Rachel Gloria Hawkins (all trumpets), Sally White Graham (drum)


Rose Villereal, Lew, Lucille,Martha Smith Gideon

 Dale Saulsberry, Linda Tatum Briggs, Linda Lee Miller

Gracey with baton

 Cheryl Chatagnier Harper, Mary Ell Glass Ruffner, Rachel Gloria Hawkins


Spook, Wayne Q (59), Wayne T, (Hussar Alumni), Carol Johnson Cresswell, Joan Leavell Lisman

Gracey leading Hussar Alumni

Hussar Alumni

Carol, Patsy Smith Simmons, Mary Ell, Rachel

 Standing: Ethel Gresham Sullivan, Don Landry, Colin Thorne (Gail Pratt's husband) - Seated: Sue Stokes Greenman, Don Goff, Audrey Morales Goff


Brenda Emerson Jones, Ginger Cloar Hamilton, John Birkman, John Taylor

 Back: Wilson & Carol Yancey, Dale Saulsberry, and Gracey leading Hussars


 Sally on bass drum, Susan Holtman Phillips, with Hussar Alumni

---Same as #4 ---


Verna McMillian Johnston, Lucille, Diane Hightower Krautz on snare drum, Wilson Yancey

 Lucille Miller Armintor

Lucille, Mike Eaves

Mary Ell, Mary Lou Wagner Quibedeaux

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