Reunion 2012 - 50 Years

Photos by Wayne Quinn, Class of 59 and 60


Becky Gillman Landry (63),  Charlie Brabham Carolyn Anawaty Akers, Harry Paul, Dianne Devoll Hotvedt

Cousins Charlie, Mike Eaves

*** - Sister Linda Quinn Chapa & Dan. *** - Tish Quinn, and another Convention Bureau representative

*** Note this is Darragh Doiron, writer for the PA News.

She was here with the PA Convention and Visitors Bureau.

She wrote one of the GW articles for The News.


Donald & Carolyn Cain, Carolyn Anawaty Akers, Harry Paul

Don & Judy Landry, GW

Elaine Pansano Griner & Gordon

Gene Dekerlegand

Gretchen Verboon Miertschin, Ethyl Wehmeyer Sullivan 


GW with the Hussars photo that was used in the PA News

Another view

Helen Wyble doing what she does best  Hussars posing for a group photo - Where is that photo, who took it?


Susan Holtman Phillips, other Hussars

 Mary, Chloe, Rachel, other Hussar

Mike & Laverne Eaves, Sandy & Charlie


Charlie has a good laugh with Isabel and Penny

The making of a group photo

Getting them together is a task

Finally everyone is ready


Recognizing Classmates who served in the Military 

It was a moving presentation

Penny Whitman Czaja, Peggy Aucoin Gallier, Jeanie Schroeder


Sandy, Becky, Charlie - big, big laughs

 Tommy Martin - thank goodness for Quinn - I missed a Tommy photo

Random photo of the crowd


Ray Orrill, Harry Paul, Wayne

Ron & Renee Mosier - great balloons add to the backdrop Terrific detail in this photo Great backdrop of the Foyer - we won't forget this place, or this day


The food

(Photos left rather large so you can copy and print.  Click on pictures)

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