Reunion News
Reunion 2002

Friday night we had a great turnout.  Saturday and Sunday
also great.  Wish the rest of you were here.
It was truly a moving experience.
A real Thanks for all the work of the
Reunion Committee.

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As of last week we have:
28 staying at the Holiday Inn
80 for Friday night at Landry's
10 for Golf Tournament
98 for Classmate Social
36 for the Museum
120 for Dinner/Dance
44 for Sunday Brunch


Carolyn: "We are going to have the BEST DJ in the area to play Saturday night.
Mike:  "Sounds great"!
Lucille and Linda get help from Paul Fitzner (Class of '61).


-----Now for the Pics-----

It takes a lot of paperwork for a Reunion.
And a lot of serious thought    
We had to bring in more help. 
The group who had the fun today 


At the April meeting of the Reunion Committee, cards were
addressed for mailing to all available addressees,  This is the card:


Webmaster Note:
"Andrews on Procter" is owned by '61 TJ Grad Frank Andrews.  He has
put a lot of time and effort into making this a "Port Arthur" and "TJ"
atmosphere.  It is one of the nicest clubs in rejuvenated downtown
Port Arthur.  During the TJ Homecoming there were probably a couple
hundred people there.  Those of you who will be attending the
Mardi Gras celebration may want to take a look at it.  

Also, since we will be downtown, some of you might want to
visit the Museum of the Gulf Coast.  It has lots of exhibits of
Port Arthur history, including many TJ graduates.

Great Pics from our April meeting

Ronnie, Lucille, Linda, Mike
Mike Eaves, Ronnie Thompson lending a big hand
Warren Henry
Rodney Landry, the Cook

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