Roger and the rest of the Reunion Committee has asked that those of you
who have comments, good and bad, about the Reunion to email Linda,
Lucille, or even me.  They only want to know how you, our Classmates,
feel and how we can make future gettogethers better.
We would like to publish them here.
(we can omit your name if you wish)


Ben Beauchamp -
Just wanted to take a few minutes and thank you all for a wonderful time at our reunion.

I enjoyed myself very much and know that a lot of effort went into the program.  Saw a number of classmates I had not seen since "62".  Sorry to be so late on my reply but have been out of town.

Again, you are all to be congratulated on a job well done.


Susan Holtman Phillips -
My husband and I really enjoyed the entire reunion.  Our favorite was the meal at Landry's restaurant.  Would like to return there next time.

The bar downtown was really neat but maybe a little small.  I know that you are limited as PA does not have much to offer in that respect.  You might take a poll of class mates who attended for suggestions of other places to go.  Also, you might consider meeting in a larger town if there is any interest.  I do not know how many attended the 50's party in Houston a number of years ago, but I really enjoyed that.

We also enjoyed the museum tour as my husband is not from PA.

We plan on attending the next reunion if our travel schedule allows.  Fall or spring are great times for it.

Thanks again to the committee for all it's work!


Roland Gooch -
Great reunion!!  Thanks for everyone's hard work.  I'll do my best to be at the next one.


Sue Stokes Greenman -
The reunion was really great.  I loved the informal atmosphere - way to go!

One thought - There were a lot of us "old" Maroon & Gold Band folks there.  I think we would have liked to reminiss too.  I guess the Hussars are in PA and not any band folks?  HA.

Next reunion 5 or 10 years?


Charlotte Maltese Ober -
You guys did an outstanding job this year!  I had a blast!  I really lived it up, hope I don't have anything to "live down."  It was great seeing so many in attendance.

I wouldn't miss these reunions for the world.


Sandy Smith Steele -
We did have a great time at the reunion.  It was so good to see all the people I have not seen in so many years.  I only wish more would have come.  I think ya'll did a great job putting it all together.

Thanks for all the hard work - including the web site which so many are able to enjoy.

Talk to you soon.


Warren Henry -
Lucille, thank you and Linda for all the hard work you both had done over the 40 years.  You two are the backbone of the committee and the rest of us are your supporters from time to time.


Charlie McDonald -
Received the T-Shirt today, Thank You.  The Yellow Jacket is a nice touch.  Took a look at the pictures on the website.  Recognized a few.

Looks & Sounds as if a good time was had.  Even though I missed it, I want to say thank you to all of those folks who spent time and effort planning and organizing the event.

See you in '07.


Harriett Ellerbee Wise -
Well ladies, ya'll did a really great job!!! Now if you just could have made it that UT beat OU, it would have been perfect!!  I enjoyed myself as did everyone else I spoke with.  I know it took an awful lot of work, time and energy on your part and I (everyone) really appreciated it.  Thank you for a job well done.

On the way home, Carolyn and I talked about getting together in Houston sometime, maybe at one of our billiard rooms.  We might think about a Saturday afternoon at Shooters Billiards on the Richmond Strip from say 4 to 8 PM.  We will throw in free pool so all it would cost would be whatever anyone wants to drink.  Anyway, keep it in mind and let me know.

Thanks again and let's keep in touch a little better this time....


Donald King -
Thanks to all of you for planning and conducting a great reunion.  I think everyone really enjoyed having several events to attend throughout the weekend, which gave us a chance to visit with more classmates.

The weekend went by in a flash and I was sorry to see it end.


Jack Hensley -
Had a great time and everyone else seemed to also.  Tell everyone on the reunion committee thanks and job well done.

Keep in touch and see you in 2007.


Skip Austin -
Thanks to you and all the other members who worked so hard to organize our reunion.  It was nice to see some of the forgotten faces who I haven't seen since graduation.  Please thank the committee for me.


Lucille Miller Armintor -
It was great to see so many old friends at the reunion.  I was also happy to see so many "first timers".  Hope they had enough fun they will come again.

Would like some feedback from those attending about the activities offered and what they would like us to do different or better next time.

Thanks to everyone who came and helped make this a great 40th Reunion.


Carolyn Anawaty -
Wow, what a non-stop fun weekend you and the rest of the committee planned.

The Friday night welcome social was a great kick off.  It was so great seeing "old" classmates.  The many various activities gave us time to get around and visit more than in the past.  It was obvious that all had a good time as the dance floor stayed packed till the very end.  Sunday was a perfect ending to a lovely reunion.

Thanks to you and the rest of the committee for your hard work and efforts.


Karen/Benny Knight -
Just wanted to say a big "thanks" to you and the committee for all the time and effort you put into planning our reunion.

What a nice variety of activities you put together for all of us to enjoy.  It was fun and we certainly enjoyed seeing you and all of our "old" classmates.  Benny took lots of pictures with his digital camera -- just wish we knew who half of them are.  Time has definitely made it tougher to recognize each other!

Thanks again.  Take care.


Ron Mosier -
I was told of your web site during the Class of 62's reunion..... looks great, will enjoy reading the info you include.

Thanks for your hard work.....


Lew Smith -
Just a brief note to let you and all the others that did such a great job on the planning of the reunion, that I had a fantastic time.  It was great to see so many of the old classmates and visit about the past.

The Food was excellent, the music fun, and Andrews was great.  Please pass on my thanks to the committee members my regards and thanks for a job well done.

Looking forward to the next time we all get to visit.


Frank J. Maranto -
How was the "Brunch" Sunday?  If it was as good as the rest of the events, it was great.  Again thanks to Lucille, LInda, Roger and all the people who worked so hard to make the reunion such a wonderful event for the rest of us.

I really had a great time.  You were right, once I got there and began to see and talk with different ones, the nerves went away.

I really wish I'd not missed the other reunions.

One of the things I really liked was the picture name tags.  The food was great.  The atmosphere was one of fun and excitement.  A real party atmosphere.  I can't think of anything, but if I do I'll pass it on to you.

Again Thanks.


Gretchen Verboon Miertschin -
Thanks again for all your work.  It was so much fun and it wouldn't have happened without you.


Paul Fitzner ('61, and a great help himself) -
What a Great Reunion!  Another job well done by the TJ Class of 1962!


Elizabeth Adams Jeffery -
A Big Thank You for a great 40th Reunion.  Reunion Commitee, you did a super job.  Thanks again.


Wayne Taylor -
What a FANTASTIC weekend, let's do it again real soon.  (Lucille and Linda----> "But not TOO soon")

Seriously, all the work and planning leading up to the Reunion made for some great expectations.  Just to see two old friends meet and their eyes light up, it made all the work so very rewarding.

So many people I wanted to talk to and was planning to, but just like that it was all over.  But the ones I did talk to, the guys I shook hands with and the girls I hugged (or vice versa), it made it all worthwhile.  When I was able to speak to them and say "It was GREAT to see you again", I meant it from the bottom of my heart.

If only we COULD go back to 17-18 years old and be full of piss and vinegar again..... If only we could relive the moment when we first heard that great old song.....  If only we could again walk those halls so crowded with perky faced girls and laughing guys..... If only we could gang up in that bathroom between classes and fight to get a spot in front of the mirror....  And, if only we could again look upon the faces of our friends who are no longer here.....

For a short time, a VERY short time, we COULD and we DID all of that.

Thank you ALL so Very Much.


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