Class of 1961 - 60th Reunion Party

Held at The Pompano - August 21, 2021

I ran these photos for awhile on my start page.  I was promised some more 

photos to be sent to me, still waiting.  Decided to keep these in this new page.

In the meantime I have picked out a few more to be included here from my photos. 

This is the end of it. All usable photos have been considered.


Attending the Class 61 Reunion, we had some of our class attend.  Intending to only photograph our classmates, when their "professional" photographer hadn't show up, I was enlisted to take photos.  I shot them for a couple hours, up to just after the food came, gave them 128 photos.  Here are a few I believe include Class 62 people.  They had some great door prizes too.  If you attended and have some photos of Class 62 people, send them to me.  These are about it from me.  I have put the others up again with some descriptions.
Ok, let's talk about pictures.  The first one is Mary LeLelux Crochet on the right, wife of our late classmate, Johnny.  Had some good conversation with her about her husband and son.  She really enjoyed them. The gal on the left is Bonnie Leleux, Class 61.  Ronnie knew her well.  The 2nd photo the gal on the right is Sue Strother(TJ62), photo by the photographer.  Third photo is Ronnie and Karen Baxter (TJ61).  The 4th is Huey (61) and Donna Latiolais(62).   Here's a factoid about her.  She never changed her last name when she got married.  Figured it out..?  Finally I took a selfie before I headed out for the Reunion.
The first photo is Ronnie with Raymond Lawrence (TJ61).  He and I were on the same Senior Teen Age League team in 1959 that won the City Championship. Have a story and group pic back at Charlie McDonald's Obit.  2nd Photo is a nice pic of Alice Chambers Tate(62) and Leroy Tate (61). They make all the reunions so they go to a lot of them.  3rd Photo is Ronnie with Bonnie(61).   4th pic is Alice in a solo portrait shot.  I caught her just right and she made a terrific photo, head canted just right.  Last photo is Cheryl Chatagnier Harper, our class.  Will divulge a little secret here.  Originally standing just behind her was a waiter who really messed up the picture.  I completely edited him out of it and filled in behind her.  Just a trade secret that many photographers use.  
The LeLeux girls with David Burge and his wife in the pink.  The 2nd is Ronnie with two unknown women.  The 3rd is our Cheryl flanked by two Class 61 gals.  The 4th is interesting to me. It's William May and Louis May with Robert Andrus in the center.  I grew up a block from the Mays, played many a football game in their front yard. Robert is a great guy. When I was playing Fast Pitch Softball and we went to Austin, he always searched out the Port Arthur teams and made sure to say Hi.  He pitched for many years.  The last photo is Linda Tomlin Taylor, famous book author.  Not sure of the gal on the right.  In the center is Coy Petteway(TJ63).  He is at all the local funerals and manages to "crash" all the reunions.
The first photo is Ronnie. Seems all the ladies know him.  The 2nd photo is our Alice with Mrs. Burge. At their 50th Reunion which I photographed, she was a hoot. She bugged Jimmy Johnson to no end. She would take a picture with him, no she didn't like it. Take another.  No.  Took several until she was happy.  The 3rd photo is a couple of old TJ Football Warhorses.  Ronnie with Dickie Legate.  The 4th photo is Ronnie with the LeLeux gals.  The last photo is a couple of prizes that their committee bought.  Great touch since Jimmy Johnson couldn't be there.

This last bunch was sent to me from Fakebook, which I will never go to.  They mostly have a couple of Class 62 folks in them. Not sure of the names of most of the others.  The last photo is how Linda, in the red, says I should "brand" all my photos.  But I'm not that concerned.  Most of you can pick out my photos and the others serve their purpose.  To me the important thing is photos are taken of TJ classmates who are in their late 70's.  Like it or not, believe it or not, we are past our "prime of life".


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