Reunion 2012 - 50 Years


Saturday at the Museum and Lunch at Sartins


Hanna/Sam's photos of the Lunch - very good quality, high resolution, make for great web photos


Lew Smith, Martha Smith Gideon

Charles Trenholm, Betty Craig, Geoff LeBlanc (lunch only), Karen O'Brien, Joel Boone, Lew

Lew, Lucille, Martha Gracey, Karen, Carolyn, Dianne



Mary Bergeron Dorsey, Tommy Dorsey, Jackie Hale, Mary El Glass, Sandra Ladner, Linda Quinn, GW, Karen O'Brien

Gracey, Karen, Jerry Serville, Spook, Kay Dartez, Gretchen Verboon

Same as #5 with Larry and GW

Karen, Becky Gillman Landry, Sue Stokes, (background) Dale Saulsberry, Jerry Serville


Mike Landry, Mary Ell, Gracey

Becky Wells, GW, Jim Ed Alleman, Jim Lee

Dale, Jerry and Joyce Serville



My Photos at the Museum

Please note that the Museum downtown said not to flash.  Hard to get good photos


Jim Ed Alleman, Irene Montalvo Hebert, Becky Wells Alleman

Diane Duncan Barron

Lew Smith, Dale Saulsberry

Sandy & Linda Erwin

Tommy & Agnes Hunter


... Linda Tatum Briggs, Lucille Miller Armintor, Brenda Emerson Jones

 Sandra Ladner Nicholson, Carolyn Anawaty Akers

Aundria Woods Bridges, Ethyl Wehmeyer Sullivan, Diane Duncan Barron

Larry Quinn, Linda Quinn Chapa, Isabel Delgadillo Prosperie


Wayne Taylor - his favorite R&R singer - (has that big LP)

 Diane Duncan Barron, Jim Ed, Aundria Woods Bridges, Ethyl Wehmeyer Sullivan 

Linda, Carol Johnson Cresswell

Margaret Litchfield Hildebrand, Trudy Wood Dunn

Jim Ed, Becky, Lew, Sandra, Diane, Carolyn


More of the Seafood Lunch 


Becky & Jim Alleman, John & Mary Lou Quebedeaux Deanna LaFleur Glidden & Edward, Sandy & Linda Erwin, Mary Bergeron Dorsey Lucille Miller Armintor, Sandra Ladner Nicholson   Hanna Hampton Drago, Becky Gillman Landry


Jackie Hale Faulk, MaryEll Glass Ruffner, GW Bailey, Gracey Potter Weisbrod, Karen O'Brien Hunt  Gail Pratt Thorne, Hanna, Sandra Ladner Nicholson

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