Reunion 2012 - 50 Years

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Saturday Pictures - 1

Royce McConathy, Susan Geraldine Bailey Derham, Jim Phillips

Alan Derham, Gordon Griner

Linda Quinn Chapa

Dan Chapa, Linda, Larry Quinn


Linda, Larry

Rob Savoie

Don Goff, Audrey Morales Goff   Linda Axtell Coltharp, Joan Leavell Lisman  Who else but - Dianne DeVoll Hotvedt


Renell, Dannie, Malcolm Perron, Verna, Linda, Dan Red Hussars Alumni - we recognize Rachel, Mary, Gracey

Jack, Doris & Jay Sims

Mary, Chloe, Rachel

Ronnie, Wilson Yancey


Joan Leavell Lisman, Hanna Hampton Drago, Patsy Smith Simmons, Chloe Moerbe Clark, Mary Carol Johnson Cresswell, Joan, Cheryl Chatagnier Harper, Patsy, Mary, Chloe, Mary Ell Glass Ruffner, Rachel Chloe, Mary Ell, Rachel, Gail Pratt Thorne, Sally White Graham, Susan Holtman Phillips 

Bob, Ann Jackson

Roland Gooch, Jerry Serville, Jim Cassell, Bob Gratz


Bonnie Scott Owens, Sharon Parsons, & laughing Roger KIm & Marty Fleckman, Mike Landry


Roland Gooch, Diana

Bob Jackson, Liz Moore Kny


Lucille, Mike Eaves

Gene Byrd, Phillip Pampolina, Dale Saulsberry  Wilson Yancey, Mary Ell Glass Ruffner, Carol Yancey

Marty, Carrie Hebert, Bob in the background on video

(Photos left rather large so you can copy and print.  Click on pictures)

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