People, Places, and Events That Are Part of Old Port Arthur History

These scans come from a group of photos that come from a local barber, Charles Brevell,

who lived some of this history, and who graduated from TJ in 1955. 

They have been given to him by friends over the years.

They were all loose and stuffed in a pile.  I organized them, put them in a notebook,

and he allowed me to scan them and put them up on this TJ Website. 

I am putting them up in no particular order.  

If you can identify either some of the people or events, please do.


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I thought this was a fantastic photo to lead off this page.  Took some digging to figure out this is Dusty Mangum who kicked one of the most famous kicks in UT history.  Not sure who he was sending this to or how the barber got it, but it's neat anyway.  See




I think I might know a couple of these guys..

More good little softball players.

This goes back a long, long way.  When boys were men.

A GREAT photo, wish we knew more about it.  That sure looks like George Cappel bottom center, which would make this photo about mid 50's.

Another great photo with no info.



He was fast but the fastest ever? Guess they had their 50 yr reunion in 2005.

It doesn't say but these must be 4th or 5th Graders.  Yes, some went to school barefoot then.  The barefoot kid is Jerry Simmons, moved to PNG, 57 Grad.

This is a long way back.  Poor gal didn't know she wasn't supposed to cover her face.

This should work out to 1956 Graduates.


Franklin Elementary 1948.  Latest names are:  1st Row, #3 Jerry Simmons. #6 Sheryl Feemster.  2nd Row, #2 Harold Brunson, #6 Gayle Williams, #7 Ray Willett. 3rd Row, #5 Bobby Crawford, #7 Jack Turpin. 4th Row, #2 Eugene Hughes, #6 Isidero Gonzales, #7 Gabriel Garcia.  All Class '57. Joy Williams just recently died. Another great quality photo with names.  It's noted Franklin School 5th Grade. All we have on this is Franklin School - with more barefoot kids.


Refinery work was big in the early days of PA.  This may be some of your fathers or uncles.

This goes way, way back.  Thankfully there is names and I recognize a few.

These brothers were in many sports growing up. Pretty much how Barber Shops were setup in the old days.

Memorial Baptist has been around a very long time.


Back in the old days, Nuns, Priests, Teachers, and Parents were all working together for the kids.

This goes back a long, long way.  Had to be taken from a plane.  Can't be newer than the 30's or early 40's.

Back in those days, it was special to be pictured with police officers.

On the back was "Sam Houston, 6th Grade, 1952, Mrs. Reed".  Looks a lot like our SH pics, even the Studebaker on the side.(Jeff Hayes says this is Tyrrell School.)

An interesting tidbit about early PA.  This lady used to post old PA info until she died.


These would be graduates of about 1952 or 1953.

Another of those great unknown photos except that it's St. Mary's.

This goes back to WWII ... but names are there.

I remember when she was the big sports news around PA.


No info except these are skaters at a Skating Rink.  Some of these must be known to someone.  Final photo left big to see if anyone can be recognized.

Another great photo that never made the annual.  Great athletes, saw where one just recently died.  TJ lost in the State Championship Final that season.

Another really old photo that goes way back.

These were the type of great athletes that came out of Port Arthur.

----- Moved these down here for more room to work ----

.JK and his classmates say this is Class 57 too.

On the back is labeled, "Tyrrell Elem 3rd Grade 1949".  They are 1957 Grads per JK Petteway.  

Sitting: Billy Newton, Rodney Brauer  1st Row: Nancy Makins, Mary Ann Stover, Vivian Freeland, Janette Owens, Charloette Guidry, Mary Louise Falcon, Alice Melton, Faye Hickey, Theresa Falcon, Janice Smith, Andrea Smith, Lavada Walker.  2nd Row, Bob Casey, Doyle Reynolds, Carolyn Grace White, Sammy Wilson, Diane Eldridge, Barbara Wilkerson, Margaret Ann Doyle, ???, Shirley Sue Sadler, Frank Hoffpauir, Forest Singletary.  3rd Row:  Ms. Tartar, Raymond Baker, Freddy Moak, Larry Ducharme, Douglas Lawson, Joe Earl Lockhart, Jon Hampton, Neal Wright, Kenneth Davis, James Hebert, Principal Mr. Spradley.  Not Pictured:  Suzanne Sadler, Margot Harris, Jerry McLellan


Working on this project in addition to JK are:  JB Humphries, Ann Faulk, Doyle Reynolds

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