Reunion 2012 - 50 Years

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Paul's Fine Portrait Pictures

Becky Wells Alleman Sandra Ladner Nicholson Kay Dartez Orrill Betty Craig Elliott Sue Stokes Greeman


Liz Moore Kny Liz Ethyl Wehmeyer Sullivan Anita Nugent Cheryl Chatagnier Harper


Elaine Pansano Griner Janet Craig Quebedeaux Trudy Wood Dunn Renee' , Ron Mosier Margaret Litchfield Hildebrand


Carol Johnson Cresswell Leroy Tate (61), Alice Chambers Tate Gracey Potter Weisbrod, Mike Landry Sharon Sibley Bissell Kay, Sue


Mary Ell Glass Ruffner, Kay, Gene Dekerlegand

Mary Bergeron Dorsey, Karen Baxter Thompson (61), Danny Kerwin Henry (BB)

Mary, Danny, Karen

Linda Lee Miller & Grady


Roger Cantu & Carmen

Gregory Reyna & Linda

Wilson Yancey, Bobby Rabuck, Jay Sims

Gene Byrd, Royce McConathy, Martin Hefley

The Quinns working the Registration Table


Johnny Arnold (61), Rob Savoie

Renell d'Augereau Perron & Malcom (A US Marine)  Diane Duncan Barron, Archie Barron  Deanna LaFleur Glidden & Edward  Linda Quinn Chapa & Dan


Gary Miller & Sandy

Mike Landry & Becky (63)

Karen O'Brien  & Mike Hunt

Neil Saunders & Jan

Betty & Janet

(Or is it Janet & Betty)

(Photos left rather large so you can copy and print.  Click on pictures)

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