70th Birthday Photos

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Elaine, Gordon

Donna Berg

Lucille, Lew

Still having a good time

Sherry checking in Richard, Mike, Karen, Linda

John T... no relation



Linda, Greg, Linda

Elaine, Gordon, David, Irene, Donna

Betty, (or is it Janet), Ronnie, Larry, Karen

Martha Smith, Ronnie, Laverne, Mike, Karen

Mike, Ronnie

Warren, Danny, Laverne, Mike


Ralph, Diane

With the Cake

Don, Judy

Jack, Mike

Elizabeth, Jerry

Roger, behind BJ and Spook


Some of the early crowd

Sherry checking in Dianne

More Classmates checking in

Roger did a great service greeting Classmates

Carolyn had a great necklace

Carrie, Kay, Gretchen checking in


Carrie, Gary, Ann, Gene

Warren, Linda, Danny

Judy Landry, Warren, Danny

Dianne, Diane

Their Name Tags says it all

Ann, Gene, Elaine


Morris, Judy McVey, Dianne

Hanna, Sam checking in with Sherry

Sam, Hanna, Dianne

Sam, Hanna, Elaine showing Gordon

Karen, Jack Hensley

Karen, Danny, Carrie


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