70th Birthday Photos

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Looks like Greg and Carrie

Elizabeth, Kay, Judy

Jack, Gary, Ronnie

Norma, Ray, behind Milton

Sherry checking in Mary, Tommy, Chloe, Bud

Martha, Gretchen



Judy, Linda Linda, Spook, Judy Jack, Ronnie, Hanna Classmates renewing old times BJ, Jerry, Elizabeth, Diane, Ralph, in front Judy, Carrie John T, Warren, David looking on


Lucille, Chloe, Mike, Laverne Ray, Betty Roger checking the list Spook, Malcolm, Renell, Linda, Greg James, Carrie


(with 2 n's)


Renell, Dianne

Good crowd now

Malcolm, Renell, Jack, James, Dianne

Hanna, Karen

Betty, Penny, Johnny

Gretchen, Laverne, Cheryl


Gretchen, Gary, Mike, Laverne, Cheryl Spook, Chloe, Ann Kay, Diane Carolyn saying Hi to Don, Judy Ronnie, Judy Chloe, Spook


Laverne, Mike, Kay Karen, Dianne Kay, Karen, Dianne Still having fun Spook, Mary Ell Having fun...


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