Reunion 2012 - 50 Years

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Friday Afternoon Decorating (With a little help from Class 61)

Carolyn Anawaty Akers, Mary Bergeron Dorsey, Betty Craig Elliott Lionel Parent (61), Sandra Ladner Nicholson, Liz Moore Kny, Carolyn, Mary  Lucille Miller Armintor, Don Landry, Linda Tatum Briggs Lucille, Lew Smith, Don, Linda, Becky Wells Alleman Leroy Tate, David Nutt, Paul Fitzner - all Class of 61


Sue Stokes Greenman & her Elvis Jack Hensley, Don Landry  Spook Laird, Betty Craig Elliott, Mary Bergeron Dorsey

Liz Moore Kny, Jim Ed Alleman, 

Becky Wells Alleman, Linda, Jack,

Lucille, Gregory Reyna

Carolyn and Mary

Two Super Fine Photos by Spook Laird at the Deco Party

Lucille & Don

Becky, Sue, Liz, Betty

Then there was Friday Night ----  WOW !!!!

Gary Miertschin, Spook Laird Becky Wells Alleman, Jim Ed Alleman, Karen O'Brien Hunt Gracey Potter Weisbrod, Gretchen Verboon Miertschin, Tommy Martin Lew Smith, Mary Bergeron Dorsey Ethel Wehmeyer Sullivan, Mike Landry, Wayne Wilson, John Taylor, David Earle


Gary Miertschin, Harry Paul Logan  John Taylor, Paul McKinley, Lew Smith Carolyn Cain, Lynn Johnston, Donald Cain, Dan Johnston   Joyce and Jerry Serville Karen O'Brien Hunt, Cheryl Chatagnier Harper


Carrie Hebert, Deanna LaFleur, Glidden Dale Saulsberry (Check Day shirt), Carolyn Cain, Mike Landry, Donald Cain, Becky Gillman Landry  Bud Clark, Betty Craig Elliott, Janet Craig Quebedeaux

Betty and Janet

Bud Clark's 1962 Chevy -  Says it all


Anita Nugent

Wayne Wilson, Elaine Pansano Griner Ron Mosier, Harry Paul Logan Gregory Reyna, Jack Hensley, Pat Solis, Ray Orrill  Alice Chambers Tate, Renell d'Augereau Perron, Verna McMillian Johnston

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