People, Places, and Events That Are Part of Old Port Arthur History

These scans come from a group of photos that come from a local barber, Charles Brevell,

who lived some of this history, and who graduated from TJ in 1955. 

They have been given to him by friends over the years.

They were all loose and stuffed in a pile.  I organized them, put them in a notebook,

and he allowed me to scan them and put them up on this TJ Website. 

I am putting them up in no particular order.  

If you can identify either some of the people or events, please do.  

Identification help from JK Petteway is a big help.




This was at 330 Austin Ave.

My Mother took me downtown often but I don't recall this place.  It was at 801 6th St.

An aerial view of down town PA but I can't make out the cars, which is how I date most photos.

Was located at 234 7th St.


Address was 3825 16th St.


Many teams played on various leagues back then.

Could this actually be THE 1st local American Legion team from this area?

Some of the local teenage "hoods" back then.

This was pretty amazing, PA guys meeting Audie Murphy.

JK Says in the back not listed is Melvin Marioneaux(56), Clyde Caughlin(55), Herbert Culp(55).


The same Paragon that was at 2600 Memorial Blvc.


These would be TJ graduates of 1954, 55, or 56.

So nice of someone to have put in the names this way.

An amazing photo.  I actually knew JP Savarino but never knew he was part of this team.

Procter Street, from the 40's as per the cars. JK says Monte's was 418 Proctor, Boyers 416, and Roos 420.  The Keyhole Club would come around there a little later.

This would be the early 50s, as per the cars.


I left this photo big to try and make out kids. I couldn't be in there, I was living in California at the time, the movie came out in 1952 Looking in 1952 Annual, girls appear to be:  Betty Goodwin in car, Carolyn Ford on R Fender, Jeanette Almon on L Fender.  Can't tell the guys. Was located at 1302 9th Ave.


St. Mary Church appears to be in the 40s. St. Mary Hospital, has to be no later than the 40s.  I believe even then that field was called Bishop Byrne Stadium.  Aerial shots are great.


I recall in the 60s they had GoGo dancers up in that cubby hole.

Great job of someone putting in the names.

Five just normal Port Arthur teenagers.

Looks to be from the 40s.  I have seen these on post cards.

 The Pleasure Pier was really something back then


Bishop Byrne was also a great school back then.

It's my opinion that Frank Eidom was the greatest football player to ever attend TJ.

John Garner was bigger than life to us kids back then.

JK Petteway says the Drummer is Roy Ramirez, Class of 57..

All of us were fishermen as kids.



YMCA .......A fire got this building in the late 50's.

The YMCA burned in April 1959.  Thanks to some detective work by our classmate, H.E. "Skip" Austin, he found these photos.

Amazing photos by PA's Frank Cricchio.  What is also amazing in the photos to me is the old City Hall and the YMCA Little League field in the background.  I remember my mother going in that place and me sitting in the car.  Plus, I played LL baseball in that field.  I once sat in that Dugout.


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