People, Places, and Events That Are Part of Old Port Arthur History

These scans come from a group of photos that come from a local barber, Charles Brevell,

who lived some of this history, and who graduated from TJ in 1955. 

They have been given to him by friends over the years.

They were all loose and stuffed in a pile.  I organized them, put them in a notebook,

and he allowed me to scan them and put them up on this TJ Website. 

I am putting them up in no particular order.  

If you can identify either some of the people or events, please do.


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This is a fantastic full size photo.  The problem.  What year?  It's not in any annual.  I tried a magnifying glass to try and compare to some of the gals in the annuals.  Just can't.  If I just had a name then I could look them up in an annual.  A year would be super. 




This may have been in the 60s as the old YMCA was gone, PPier gone.  The bridge was hit so many times it was hard to count.

St Mary School, 3rd & 4th Grades, 1945

St Mary School, 3rd & 4th Grades, 1945

The names were on a separate sheet.

The title says St Mary School, 6th Grade, 1946.

DeQueen School play, 1949.  I knew a couple of these guys.


Interesting history of old PA..

The Pleasure Pier was really something.

Another famous PA eatery, was at 427 Ft. Worth Ave. Owner in hat, Jack Payne. In '57 it was at 410 Proctor. He later opened first private club, Petroleum Club, later became Lion Den.  Tarpon became Juneau's Cafe.

I remember well some of these bars.  Most "Pool Shooters" knew the Keyhole Club.

Some very famous people are associated with this area...


Yes, the same Ronnie Thompson. Another truly amazing photo to me. Row 2, Jack Yoast, married our classmate Howard Skip Austin's oldest sister, Pat.  Top row is Frank Formagus, some distant kin to me.  I think his father was my GP's brother. Zip Zummo later was in the Bataan Death March. Majorettes were pretty back then too.  Thanks for the names. This movie came out in 1945, this jives with the cars.  I spent a lot of time there, a LOT of days and nights. Not sure but it appears the big marquee is not there. That must have come later in the 40's. Jim Bonsall just left us in 2015.  He was a great guy.


Football was big in PA, even in Junior High.


She must have really earned that crown.

Baseball was king then too.  I think this batboy was Jimmy Hebert, lived one block from old TJ.  Was called "Straight Arrow"

----- RIGHT ----

Was one of PA's early "actors", before GW.  Doesn't even show up in IMDB listing, but I always heard he was in "Hallelujah Trail" as a wagon driver. Was kind of an outcast in PA, hence this obituary.


This is another great picture.  Skippy Mannino was a local hero, I remember him as being one of those guys who parachuted in for events.

Some of these people have left us since this photo.


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